Aliens unlimited

Incredible, but true! We sure have had and continue to have a major attraction to aliens and their fantastic flying machines. ‘Aliens unlimited’ indeed; and the mantra especially suits our toy and entertainment industries. There have been a number of eye witness accounts that have gone on record worldwide on the sightings of aliens, the unidentified flying objects that we assume to be their space vehicles and even alien abduction. The numbers have increased in time and have only added to intrigue and our curiosity. 

The reported sightings have always refueled man’s quest to venture beyond the realms of the planet. It is true that in spite of the continuous denial by the NASA authorities and the various government officials and spokesmen, they are involved in establishing the possibility of life on other planets and environments capable of sustaining human life, other than that on planet earth. Some of the reported sightings are complete with photographic evidence. Though most of them are hazy and very blurred, they are enough to start an enquiry. Almost all sightings of UFOs or unidentified flying objects report the oval or saucer shape, and hence the term ‘flying saucers’! Even the eye witness accounts of alien sightings and abduction, claim very human like appendages and faculties, but a very advanced mode of communication via telepathy.

All this information gathered via the dedicated online and offline resources have resulted in much speculation and consideration. We have even added the term ‘ufology’ to our vocabulary. Our entertainment industry ahs really experimented with the mantra ‘aliens unlimited’. We have captured on the celluloid lovable extra terrestrials like Mr. Spielberg’s box office grosser by the same name. On the other hand, our super stars have played earthling warriors and saved the earth from the not so friendly aliens in films like Independence Day and Star Wars. The television screen ahs burnt more than once with the ‘repeat on demand’ shows of the series ‘Star Trek’. It has unveiled man’s concept and expectation of life on other planets and given our youngsters food for thought.

The dedicated segment to aliens and their incredible flying machines has made space men and flying saucers, both battery-run and wound, part and parcel of the growing years for toddlers all around the world. The gaming industry too caters to this extravaganza and imagination, by designing games that enable our youth and adults to become protectors of the planet from alien invasion. These games com complete with great graphics and surreal environments.

‘Aliens unlimited’ has a rostrum online and offline. The offline resources on the subject include dedicated books and library sections, movies and debate forums. The online community has made it possible for enthusiasts and believers and non believers to access information updates on the recorded sightings and forums to deliberate on the issue. Well, amidst all the speculation, what cannot be denied is that our planet is just a speck in the might universe that engulfs our very existence and our knowledge of space around us is indeed, very limited.