Canada- 3:55 a.m.: A witness awoke in the middle of the night and saw a flashing light in the sky, just below the full moon. The light traversed across and then momentarily hid behind a cloud cover. At first, it appeared like a plane or helicopter, but there was not only no noise, but it also seemed to be moving too slow to be a plane! The lights were not like the strobes of a plane or helicopter. The object seemed egg-shaped and the flashing was constant. The light was white.

Pine Creek, Manitoba-8:30 p.m.: Witnesses observed a bright, lemon-yellow object, the size of a house, with a green tail one mile long! It was seen by a pilot of an aircraft in the peripheral and a person on the ground. It was moving downward at great speed, and when it hit the ground, there was an explosion, with an orange glow that enveloped the trees in the area.

Texas- 8:00 p.m.: A witness saw a low flying object, about the height of a helicopter. It was a gray, almost cloud-like in color and about 50 feet long. It made no sound! The witness had a digital camera close at hand and took 4 to 5 pictures. However, then the film was developed, there was nothing on them!

These are just some of the sightings on record and a small segment of the very intriguing information that UFO enthusiasts base their theories on. The presence of aliens on earth is debatable, but the media and the entertainment industry have long thrived on the thought. 

The human psyche has brain-stormed the possible alien designs on the basis of what we think they would be like. So much for the entertainment industry and sci-fi work! However, those who swear by what they saw have other tales to tell. They emphasize on distinguishing features like swollen heads and evolved appendages, but we cannot deny the fact that where fact meets fiction is the point that both versions relate to very human like faculties and appearances, though seemingly advanced in nature.  

Aliens and UFOs have dominated the world of science and fiction and the reported sightings add to the twists in the tale. How many times do we seek the answer to the phenomena best understood as the other side? Is this other side really way up there and engulfing the universe, or is it simply right here on Earth? Is it superimposed on our very existence? Well, this is certainly food for thought, especially for UFO and alien enthusiasts.

There are as many photographs of UFOs and hazy and blurred aliens available. All are surprisingly, blurs and possible forgeries. Physical evidence such as ‘debris’ from alien crash landings and burn marks on the ground or even implants within the bodies of the alien abductees have proved to be very terrestrial! The main reasons for believing in the presence and visits of aliens are the questionable versions of visual experiences. The difference between the inability to distinguish science fiction from the real thing and trusting fantastic stories to the ability to distrust contrary sources is a very personal and individual perception.