AlienShift’s Beliefs on 2012 and Aliens affecting humanity

ALIENSHIFT believes that coming Pole Shift on Feb- 6-2012 will be the best thing for our planet at this time. It will be end of Man killing Man, Barbarism ETs are telling us that we only had 200 years of peace for past 10000 years will be end of all Injustices, Primitive Colonial Mindset of the European Cave Man after inventing the Technology he thought that technology will save him!, end of Global Greed and Corruption such as Enronism, Exonnism, Monopolization, Racism, Danger of Nuclear Arsenal, 100,000 Nuclear War Heads each one 100 times Hiroshima Bomb, Famine, World Hunger, Over Population 6 Billion Souls, etc.
All above reasons stoping the United Federation of the Planets not even considering the Earth as a new member.
So many future Remote Viewers have seen Omaha as the the new capital of the new world.
In the year 2087only 120 million people will be living on the earth.
Many people will die during the Shift and many after because it will not be an easy time.
Diseases will run rammpant, and if not be for the help of the extraterrestrials, the planet will perish but ETs will heal as well as to educate people and to show them new technology.
Please note that Federation will not stop the Shift because of many Karmic lessons that we have to get during this coming event.
Also it is against the universal law to interfere unless it is to help us which they will do that in order to rebuild the earth and teach us how to Colonize other planets.
Pole Shift will start on Feb 6-2012. 
Here is why:
1-Mayan callendar ends at 2012
2-Al Bielak Survival of many Shadow GOV projects mentions about 2012 in his 1990 Vegas Speech.
3-Nostradamus prediction on pole shift that it will be at the time of the Anti Christ World Movement and how the Shift will destroy him with a Tidal Wave in Italy. 

Time tunnel was used at Montauk to go into the future. He stated that for some reason, they could never penetrate the years 2011-2013. He also stated that the technology is so good, they could pull you out, ship you to another time period and bring you back so fast, that it would appear as no time had passed yet you could have aged several months or years because of the time you spent in the other time. He claimed that this happened to him on a number of occassions. Lastly, he shared that when they were able to see the future, past 2013, it appeared as if there was no life living on the earth. 
ALIENSHIFT believes that we all will shift to fourth Dimension.
That is why Al Bielak he could not see any one the earth in 3rd Dimension.


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