Alyosha the Adopted Alien

UFO stories and folklore on the topic often cite strange occurrences where live aliens are taken into captivity by the military and governments around the world.  But one story coming in from Russia eventually made its way to the US with little fanfare.  It is the story of a woman who apparently found and even adopted an alien creature.  No one really believed her.  But years later while looking through her belongings, her family was shocked when they found a mysterious mummified corpse that looked anything but human.

Is it possible an alien creature could have actually come to Earth and then been taken care of for years by an old woman?  When the woman told her family she was taking care of a mysterious tiny creature that had come to her after her child had died they thought she was simply living a delusion after the traumatic loss.  But when they found the mysterious mummified being years after she was taken to a mental institution there was a moment where they wondered if she had maybe been telling the truth.

The village of Kashtim, in 1996 where the incident reportedly happened, eventually saw the presence of the Russian State Security Service, which hauled away the body alongside any relevant materials related to it.  The story comes from the Ural Mountain range, which has been one of the most mysterious regions of the world and said to not only be the site of several unexplainable alien bases (crazy) but also was the site of one of the most mysterious unsolved deaths ever in the form of the Dyatlov Pass Incident and the mysterious abduction of a young girl as children fled floating lights.

After caring for the creature, which she named Alyosha for only two weeks the woman mysteriously fell ill.  Previous stories about humans who are in contact with alien beings under conditions other than UFO abduction experiences tell similar stories often.  The woman was hospitalized as doctors scrambled to discover what was wrong with her.

From here there are two versions of the story.  The first says she survived, and another suggests she died of the mysterious illness that overtook her. 

Fearing she might be on the verge of death, she hoped someone would take care of the creature and started talking about her alien child.  The family, fearing the woman had suffered a mental breakdown, assured her the story was impossible but had her house searched.  Security officials discovered the body and measured it at eight inches.  The creature’s body was confiscated, but soon disappeared into the hands of what had once been the KGB.  To this day no one knows what happened to it and it is rumored to still be hidden away in a vault somewhere under close security supervision or long since destroyed.

Perhaps the strangest element of the story is that the woman said that she had cared for the creature for two whole weeks even feeding it and being in close proximity to it.  Is it possible she was just playing out some delusion around a long dead mummified and incredibly deformed skeleton of some sort?  Or could she be telling the truth?  It’s also of course possible that the story could just be entirely fabricated, but in some ways that only adds to the mystery of the tale.