Amber Shaped UFO Being Tracked from Coast to Coast

The course of the UFO first sighted in O’Fallon, Illinois mere hours ago has now been reported in Peru, Indiana along with several other northern states.  The strange object has the same shape, color, and flight characteristics of the O’Fallon UFO, but is being tracked by several witnesses who are perplexed by its origin.  The man submitting one report to the Mutual UFO Network’s website has shared a shocking description that seems to almost exactly mirror the sighting made all across the country during tonight’s celebrations.

The witness was just coming home and getting out of his car when he first saw the object hovering overhead and heading in an Eastern direction at approximately 1:30 in the morning just as the fourth of July night’s festivities were coming to an end.  As he tracked the object, he first thought it was an elaborate form of fireworks.  But soon as he watched the steadily moving object that soared from horizon to horizon in a matter of less than a minute, he noticed that it was making absolutely no sound.  The silent hovering disc-shaped object was described as an orange tinted amber color that made a straight line across the sky.  As it moved, the mysterious object was at an estimated altitude of approximately 1,500 feet just as the O’Fallon object had been.

As he suddenly became very confused and startled by the object’s unexplainable presence, he sprinted inside where his wife was there to greet him.  Quickly, he told her what was going on and the two ran outside to observe the strange object.  By the time they both left the house, however, it had already passed overhead, and was making its way east into the distance.

The wife then noted four “legs” or struts sticking out from the central object equidistant from the center as she trained her eyes closely on it.  As it disappeared behind several trees, the witnesses quickly rushed to find the proper place to report the object and found MUFON’s website.

Similar objects have been reported moving from West to East over Washington, Minnesota, Chicago Illinois, and Cleveland Ohio.  The reports vary somewhat, but it seems whatever this object is, it’s making rounds all over the northern United States.  All witnesses are describing an object that is orange, amber, the color of fire, or “molten lava” and roughly spherical, though a couple of the reports suggest it could have been disc-shaped.  The timeline of events suggests these sightings have been appearing, but specifically are always mentioned as moving vast distances and sharing no similarity in movement or longevity to fireworks or aircraft flares.

Tonight’s fourth of July celebrations were expected to have an influx of UFO sightings, but this mysterious orange object suddenly appearing over the night sky in several states is an even more incredible example than previously was expected.  What is this object that is being tracked across the sky by independent witnesses, and will more reports pour in as the night progresses?  We will be keeping you up to date on this object as more information is made available.