Analyzing the FBI’s Released Roswell Confirmation

Recently a file was released that reportedly proves the Roswell Incident, one of the most iconic events in UFO history not only happened, but the government was involved in a cover-up that ultimately resulted in years of denial and ridicule for those seeking the truth.  But unlike so many “leaked” files before it, this is one the government itself is pushing forward.  And the real revelation on this file may be more than just a confirmation that aliens visited Earth.  It may actually provide a road map to learning the real truth behind the UFO phenomenon based on information we already possess.

The file is a simple one page document that outlines an FBI agent’s testimony of an informant from the FBI telling him that a craft had been recovered.  There appears to be a two way street of possibility suggested by the document.  Either this source is coming forward and telling the FBI agent about events because they happened, or he is actually the fictional source of the Roswell testimony that soon spread to the rest of what would eventually become the field of UFOlogy.

So are we looking at an individual who either saw personally or was led to believe that alien bodies (although the term alien isn’t directly used) were found near an unidentified crashed object.  The fact that this testimony has been left in a vault uncovered for so many years suggests some element of the FBI aware of an event that went beyond the norm.  And while it doesn’t prove a cover-up, as some are suggesting, it does appear to the objective eye to be evidence that at least leans in that direction.  And of course while it isn’t the ultimate smoking gun, it does suggest something else that has been posited by various elements of the UFO field for years: that the “government” as a core body is not behind a UFO cover-up.  At least it wasn’t in 1950.  Instead, it appears the knowledge of this alien presence is divided into several different groups with most agencies not being “in the know.”

Of course it isn’t necessarily surprising.  It seems if there was a coverup of this size necessary, it would be likely most of the government itself would not be allowed knowledge of the event either.  But then who was this mysterious man who informed both the FBI and the myriad UFO insiders after him?  Were these individuals somehow privy to the information contained within this now declassified UFO memo?

And there are still plenty of other questions left unanswered with the Roswell crash debate.  If a flying saucer were recovered, why would aliens not attempt to recover it for themselves?  And how would we ultimately  be able to reverse engineer their craft or use it to ensure the safety of humanity in the greater scheme of interstellar conflicts.

Perhaps the true mysteries revealed by this document just scratch the surface of what we may one day be looking at.  And it could be one of the biggest revelations to date on the UFO phenomenon.