Ancient Alien Cave Painting Discovered

From time to time a UFO report is uncovered from long ago that shatters the idea that the visiting of Earth by extraterrestrial beings is merely a contemporary issue.  But throughout history these reports have been indicated to be merely mythological in nature, using terms like “magic” to replace technology and psionics to describe the events.  Now, a team of anthropologists have uncovered an image on the wall of a remote cave in India that clearly depicts what could easily be translated as a modern UFO report.

The ancient cave drawings were first brought to the attention of anthropologists who were working with a remote hill tribe in India who take the report very seriously indeed.  The objects indicate a tall humanoid creature with what appears to be some sort of space suit or sensory apparatus standing with a single bar-like visor rather than eyes.  Atop its head is a sort of bump which could be an antenna, but could also be a symbol of divinity in ancient Indian culture.  The figure has broad shoulders and looks quite imposing.  In fact, it is almost a perfect replica of the character Gort in the 1950’s science fiction classic “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

In the background can be seen a disc shaped craft soaring through the heavens complete with motion lines waving behind it.  The circular craft even has the characteristic dome atop it that is so prevalent in modern science fiction lore as well as alien abduction scenarios.  The craft is also adorned with ornaments that are lighter around the rim very similar to lights surrounding the circumference of the craft.

Near the craft are three balls of light, each subsequent one getting larger as it gets closer to the ground.  The balls of light seem to get larger as they get closer to the ground, possibly indicating perspective, as something gets larger the closer to Earth that it gets.  The smaller round objects could also be indicative of planets and their relation to the sun, with the mysterious disc or almond shaped craft being closest to Earth, which is the third planet from the sun.  It could also be indicative of the balls of light commonly reported by individuals shortly before they experience a UFO encounter.

There is also a strange tube with mysterious glyphs running along either side of it which expands at one end while contracting at the other.  The glyphs along the sides are triangular in nature, but it has been speculated it may be symbolic of a sort of wormhole through which these ancient visitors used to travel through space.  It’s strange to consider what an ancient tribesman would have used to indicate what a wormhole would look like, so they would likely use symbols or things they would readily understand in practice without necessarily understanding the mechanics behind them.

If the concept of ancient aliens in India seems strange, it should be noted the ancient story in the Baghavad Gita of the ancient ones who flew around in Viminas, and even had great space battles using weapons that could easily be described in simple terms as nuclear weapons.  the concept of ancient alien visitation has been around for quite some time, but has only recently gained a level of mainstream acceptance thanks to the book Chariots of the Gods.