Ancient Astronauts

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Some people
say that couldn’t possible be true. There’s no scientific evidence, no one put
that in the history books, and my church didn’t tell me that. These same people
may be the ones who say that all of a sudden, somehow, man evolved from the
ape. They don’t take into consideration all the apes still walking around on
planet earth. Why didn’t they turn into men? To a thinking brain, there are a
few missing links here. Not to mention
all the billions of opportunities in all the stars and galaxies we view

Religions have
all sorts of creation stories with missing pieces. Native peoples have myths
that gods roamed the earth and that man did come from the stars”¦because of the billions of opportunities,
stars and galaxies we view nightly.

If you are
dependent on your present belief system, and are used to completely depending
on outside sources for information, if you need some sort of indoctrination and
you have no way to conceive of or get in contact with your own innate source of
what is true; you are going to hate the material talking about ancient

But if you are
longing for a harmony that comes from finding some missing pieces, if you long
for a peaceful strength that comes from within, you may find some deep wisdom
here that soothes your soul.

You may find
some relief from the artificial moral order, the hypocrisy and downright
insanity we are asked to live with from the very establishments we trust to aid
us in our journey.


Before cells
were discovered and named, they existed. In 1543 Copernicus startled Europe by
his findings that the earth was not still in space but spinning in space around
the sun. There was a time when the earth was known to be flat and Santa Claus existed. As difficult as all of
this news is to adjust to, over time science, academia, historians, religions
and the media will be able to see what should have been obvious all along: We
are not alone.

In this moment
of societal breakdown there is a great opening for creativity and new visions.
We are challenged to reinvent the way we look at life and ourselves. It is a
moment where humanity can begin to reclaim its perspective and become conscious
of the Presence within. Our only hope is to create a community of mutually
enhancing beings on earth without dualism.  

The point of
all of what we call Reality is to restore completeness to being human, learn
tolerance and experience life directly as opposed to living through outside
sources of information, free from judgment and in contact with True Identity.
Our true nature has no facades, untruths or fear. Unconditional
respect, harmony, peaceful strength that opposes violence and embraces love as
a lifestyle is our origins.
When true identity is known respect for self
and  nature
replace exploitation and depletion. 

Nobel Laureate
Sir Frances Crick estimates 100 billion galaxies in our universe alone
inclusive of millions of planets in our galaxy that could support life.
Contact, probably in our lifetime, is inevitable. Cosmological discovery can
shatter nearly everything upon which our modern age is built. What an
opportunity to re-imagine major institutions. To go from violating Earth’s life
systems, to enveloping Creation within an intelligent and self-organizing
living Universe of respectful mastery.

“I have good news and I have bad
news: The bad news is that there is no key to the universe. The good news is
that the door has never been locked.”

– Swami Beyondananda

“A million things to think about,
only one thing to know.” – Alan Cohen

 Know Love, Know Godde,
Know Self”¦

Mary Magdeline, http://OriginalSexBook.com