Another UFO “Battle” Witnessed

A witness going by the name “JC” reports another incredible sighting of combat maneuvers involving unidentifiable craft this time above the town of Sudbury in Ontario.  The incident occurred, according to witnesses, just last night so researchers are paying keen attention to any information coming out of the Ontario area to see if there are any further developments.  The perceived combat involved what appeared to be an unidentified massive triangular craft and a terrestrial helicopter of unknown model.

The four witnesses, going by the names “KH,” “ST,” “JA,” and “JC” begin their report to MUFON by sharing that they were walking down the street from JC’s house when suddenly as they reached an intersection at the edge of town a strange incident became visible to them in the sky.  A helicopter was in the distance, as the witnesses could hear and another mysterious craft dark blue and roughly triangular in shape in the distance thought to be no more than a couple hundred feet up.  As they watched, the helicopter strafed around the stationary craft and the witnesses say it appeared to open fire on it.  The triangular craft did not appear damaged, but rather remained motionless with what appeared to be sparks at its side as though machine gun fire was pelting against the surface and falling harmlessly away after ricocheting off.

Horrified, the four witnesses watched this conflict, which could have very well been interplanetary in origin.  JC, the witness submitting the report, was so terrified that he called his father who was at home in the second story.  JC’s father reportedly went to the window from his position and was also able to confirm seeing the mysterious object.  As the witnesses continued to watch, the triangular craft slowly rotated so that the point that appeared to be the nose of the craft was now facing the helicopter.  At this point the helicopter had retreated several hundred yards and the massive craft moved quickly toward it.  The helicopter strafed to the side and the witnesses lost visual of it.  Later, however, they would hear several sirens in the area.  Planes would also be spotted flying over Sudbury in maneuvers that may or may not be related to the incident.

Sudbury is, however, still recovering since the loss of one helicopter in the area left two dead one month ago.  Searching for further information happening in and around Sudbury turned up little else that has been happening in the area that may be linked to this report.  Since all eyewitness testimony stands or falls on the credibility of the witnesses themselves, only the number in this case give it enough to warrant further research and possibly a second look.

Have UFO visitations turned hostile?  Or was this some sort of unknown military exercise designed to test the defense capabilities of an unknown aircraft?  As details are released on this mysterious case we will keep you up to date.  In the mean time we are left with the disturbing impression that whatever was going on above this Ontario town was not friendly.