Another UFO Spotted in Jerusalem?

A recent video uploaded to Youtube shows that while the series of UFO cases in Jerusalem may have been lying dormant for a while, the steady stream of strange videos are by no means stopping.  And it’s gotten to a point where it may be worth looking into deeper even if every single one of the videos turns out to be a hoax.  What are these mysterious objects being spotted in Jerusalem?  And why would someone spend more than a year creating hoaxes if indeed that is what they are?  Is this a long-term viral marketing campaign?  Or something more?

The video is itself fairly short and, as far as UFO footage goes, fairly simple.  The camera starts at a distance looking in on a triangular craft that appears to be emitting some sort of light.  As the camera moves in closer a massive triangular object can be seen very faintly in the fog of the Jerusalem morning.  In the background a child can be heard calling out.  Then, just as the camera zooms out, the object emits a bright white light and then shoots up into the air.  If it looks familiar, then we’ll have to go back to a series of UFO videos made earlier this year reportedly showing from multiple angles a strange occurrence that happened just above the dome of the rock.

The sightings show a light hovering directly above a popular landmark in each of the videos and then flashing and flying up into the air – possibly into another craft which then appears as a massive black shape with red lights hanging over the scene.  In each of the videos those present do a convincing job of reacting to the object, making it appear genuine.  And each of the sightings happened at around the same time as other footage taken elsewhere which appeared to be equally convincing, but less covered by the mainstream media.

By the end of the event millions had viewed the footage of the Dome of the Rock.  And just as the previous sightings, each new one that came out would eventually be hotly debated.  Ultimately at least one piece of footage would come out that turned out to be a fake even while the others are still debated in some circles as genuine.  Unfortunately, the fake footage did hurt the credibility of the others even though no connection was ever proven between them.

But where does this footage come from?  Is there a reason so many of these videos seem to happen in or around Jerusalem?  After the original two Dome of the Rock videos came out claiming to have multiple angles of the same event happening, many people were convinced something of great significance was about to happen.  And yet even in the midst of all this attention, no one came forward to capitalize on it.

One of the elements of the Jerusalem footage that seems interesting is that in all of the confirmed hoaxes the camera work was similar.  The camera would zoom out just before the object blinked its bright light and flew off.  Whether that is the case in this particular footage is something that will have to be left to the viewer.  Is it real or now?  you decide.