Are Aliens Friends or Foes?

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king grey asks:

Do you think aliens want to be our pals? or foes?

Well i was wondering what you guys think of the question? Do you think they are friend or foe?

Friend or foe

EntrailsGalore Answers: neither. They obviously don’t want to be our enemies. They could have taken this planet over by now, and made us all their slaves. But they haven’t. And they’re not exactly buying us all drinks. They are here for scientific purposes, and for exploration. Maybe they are preparing for something.

Jim says: this question depends on which exact alien race you are referring to. Lets take the Grays as an example. Interbreeding and Genetic material is their primary goal. In-order to use out genetic parts, they must ensure we stay alive as a world. Their intention isnt exactly good, or bad.

But good and bad exist through our galaxy. I’m sure some alien races mean well, and some mean harm

Dunny Says: To be able to inter-breed with the human race, the (Aliens) would have to be compatible with our DNA. We are more closely related DNA wise to cattle. (Purpose of Cattle Mutilations?)
We(Humans) are not trying to inter-breed with Cattle. (As far as I know and Hope, that we’re not!) We’re more closely related DNA wise to cattle than we are to Chimp’s, Monkey’s, etc.
They (Aliens) would have to have far superior technology to be able to inter-breed with the human race (Altering either their or our DNA) to sustain a new race for a supposed New and Better World.

My next question is : Why would they want to inter-Breed with humans IF the (Aliens) are Superior to us technology wise. Big “IF” I guess.
If they are so Superior than us, Why are they not able to breed amongst themselves without involving the Human Species? Then they could eliminate the Human race and live on Earth w/o having anything to do with the Human species.

Jaxxa Follows-up: To answer your first question, Both. Like jim said it depends on the race. This is what i believe, the Alien races that are visiting us now, are scouts and scientists. Most Races are friendly, others are like us. If we found a new species, we would poke, test and even dissect them. Other races are hostile. The Only reason why the hostile races did not invade or anything like that, is because the other races are holding them back. one know hostile race are Draco’s (reptoids) from the starsys Draconis.

To answer you second question. Why would a superior Race want to interbreed. the answer is simple. Each race has a certain DNA pattern, but not all races have the same DNA strings. Some could be alike, and other certain strings are different. We could meet another humanoid lifeforms, but the DNA does not need to be the same. If indeed a Race is extincting, they need to find a way to survive. And that could include the fact that there is another Race out there that has that certain DNA string that they need to survive. By interbreeding, they make a mixture of both DNA patterns, combining the species, so that a new one evolves, that can survive. But because they need that certain string of DNA they would not do anything to the beholder of the DNA, for they need it themselves.