Are UFO’s Really Fallen Angels?

If your a long-time UFO enthusiast like myself, your probably open-minded enough to consider ALL possibilities.  The truth is we been fooled by false claims, we are always sorting through bogus evidence, and most the times the predictions NEVER come true.  We witnessed this First-Hand recently with so many “Alien Channelers” and “Crop Circles” telling us 12/21/2012 was going to be a consciousness shift- but nothing happened.  Some of these false prophets even go around claiming the shift DID happen and we are now living in a new-world.  Perhaps its time to look in a new direction for truth.

We know for certain that unidentified objects are indeed real and our Government studied enough of this phenomenon to convince even the most hardcore skeptics. But perhaps they don’t come from other planets at all.  Lately we been hearing from many sources that “Aliens” are actually “Inter Dimensional Beings”.  Can it be possible that UFO’s are the Fallen Angels spoken of in the bible?

NASA’s official claim is that they do not investigate UFOS. Maybe because they are actually serving these Fallen Angels in the End-Game plan. It makes a bit of sense seeing how most astronauts (especially UFO whistle blowers) are actually Free Masons..  Actually, a Free Mason flag was left on the moon which proudly displays the Triple Cross of the Baphomet.  If anyone takes the time to look for “Baphomet Signs” and “Maltese Crosses” in Free Masonry, One can clearly see the Free Masons serve Lucifer.

Sounds a little zany on the front- but keep in mind that it’s well documented that The Worlds Elite go to Bohemian Grove every year and perform ceremonies under a wooden owl. And it’s no secret that our Federal Reserve system is riddled with satanic imagery on our currency as well as national establishments abroad. From Egyptian Obelisks outside DC and The Vatican, it is no question our leaders prefer an Ancient Babylon style of Government over Individual Rights.  The proof of Satanists in High Positions Runs DEEP.  It just depends how far down the Rabbit Hole you want to go.

Now that were past 2012 and seen the Mayan Prophecies fall flat people are questioning their beliefs. So far everything the New-Age has told them been wrong. Promises from Alien Sources like The Andromeda Council, Galactic Federation of Light, Consciousness of Nine, and even famous speakers like David Wilcock, Drunvalo Melchizedekk, Maxwell Jordan, David Icke, George Kavassilas, Tolec, Insider Drake, Benjamin Fulford, and many others just did not Pan-Out.

What is true though- is that we are controlled by a bunch of Slime Balls who are more motivated by “Self Benefit” than Pure Intentions. These people are Highly Paid Bankers and people with Satanic Connections. The Bible tells us our worst enemy is “Wickedness in High Places”.  And that’s EXACTLY where we stand.

Many logically believe the Alien Card will be the last card in their hand. The Alien Question has been the greatest mystery of all time and is riddled with mysticism. Media and Movies has conditioned us to side with the person who “Saves The World”.  Like Superman..  But the Bible tells us that when the savior returns, don’t be fooled to think he come to save the world. The savior comes to Harvest at the end of times. So when the Great Ensnarement (spoken of in the bible) comes, don’t be surprised if “Aliens” are involved.

According to the Bible- The Great Ensnarement will capture most of the souls on Earth. Only the Christians will know how the script goes.  First comes the Rider on the White Horse holding a bow.  He is an IMPOSTER..  The true savior is the SECOND White Rider who holds a cycle.  If you have the seal of god on your forehead, you will be round up into the barn after the wicked have been bundled up to be burned.

For those of you who are logical enough to consider such a possibility- I hope you research this a bit further to see how far down the rabbit hole it goes. I was once a New-Ager and a UFO enthusiast for 15+ years.  But the surmounting evidence of Satanism that directly correlates to Biblical Scripture is outstanding.