Are We in the Midst of a UFO Wave?

The term UFO wave is used commonly to denote several UFO sightings happening across an area with almost predictable regularity.  And as night approached the evening of October the 13th, many predicted the UFO sightings had just begun across the world.  And the following night the same was predicted with the same result.  UFOs are being spotted all over the world by groups of witnesses ranging from one all the way to hundreds.  But what follows a UFO wave historically?

In the past, one UFO wave was soon followed by at least one other in the coming days and weeks with possibly more to come.  If the past sets the precedent on this topic, then the predictions by many UFOlogists that the phenomenon is about to take off once again in a big way may warrant a second (or even third) look.  But what are we to take away from the increasingly dramatic nature of sightings amid such a wave?  What if hundreds of witnesses came across a close encounter with an object landing?  How would we react?  Several experts are suggesting we keep an eye out for high profile encounters.

On October 13th thousands of people spotted strange objects (a fraction of which turned out to be balloons) even as massive sightings were happening in other locations around the Globe.  And this was immediately following several incredible encounters and photographs taken on the 10th of October.  After the 13th witnesses in Louisiana reported a strange low flying egg shaped craft landing and then once again vanishing.  Reports from China have suggested an entire village had vanished.

But even if we are in the midst of a UFO wave, does this mean it’s necessarily a big deal?  After all, there have been other UFO waves in the past and they certainly didn’t end in global alien invasion.  And it seems a great deal of speculation always brings about an almost unwarranted amount of fear with it.  I say almost because with the unknown fear can never entirely be ruled out.

So what other UFO waves have happened?  Perhaps by studying the past we can know what to expect in coming months.  And no UFO wave seems more high profile than that of October 1973.  In Cape Girardeau Missouri a truck driver was hit by a beam of light that melted his glasses from the inside.  Later a Park Ranger in Defiance Ohio would spot an object the size of a two story house hovering in the distance.  Though the 1973 UFO flap was one of the most investigated high profile events of the past 50 years in the field of UFOlogy, some of the sightings coming out in the past few days make even the more dramatic ones seem mundane by comparison.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated and get every detail out as this trend continues.