Are We Ready To Fight With Aliens

Aliens are extra terrestrial living beings. They are not human in nature. The physical appearance is unknown to human beings. But there are many incidents of alien attacks reported. They come to earth with various intensions. Man is often unaware of their life and aims of these visits. Even the reality behind what is happening is unknown as far as common people are concerned.

Alien attack usually occurs in the form of abduction or cross breeding. Alien abduction is the process of aliens entering the body of human beings. The aim behind this kidnap can be anything like revenge or to gain an authority above human life. Whatever it may be it is so dangerous and threat to the normal life of man. There are cases where there is no harm felt by human beings due to these sorts of alien abduction.

Another commonly felt presence of aliens is through alien breeding. This happens when human beings report that they had sex with aliens. There are cases where ladies felt sexual relation with aliens and gave birth to children. Several incidents are reported where there have been forced rapes from these aliens.

It is generally heard that aliens visit the earth and they select suitable ladies for having sex with. Then they enter into copulation and make them pregnant. They understand that human beings are intelligent and want to have their next generation intelligent. Then the method they adopt is tried to get their children born in human beings. They generate a feeling of sex in ladies. Then enter into sex with them. When the ladies are pregnant and try to abort, they enter into their minds and pull them back from those thoughts.

This is to be considered a serious situation. This is realized as an era where human beings are going to be extinct. The aliens are trying to generate their group born in the earth. They have the tendency to conquer the planet of earth as a whole.  This is a method of attack. They when having sex with ladies realize the technological advancements man had made. They are not afraid of this because they are having super natural power with them. Also the attractive thing is that they expect their next generation to be from a cross breed with these human family.

The aliens leave impression on the body of ladies. These scars are the only signs they leave in memory of their attack. But the effect is so massive that, human beings are totally wiped away. The cross breeds will be totally alien, except for the brilliant skills of human beings. The mental changes that those who were subjected to alien cross breeding make them behave in a strange manner. They start living in a world of fantasy. They are unaware of their pregnancy and even the physical changes they are subjected to. Aliens can make a high influence in the minds of these people.

Scientists are aware of the alarming situation. They are trying to face this alien attack and cross breeding in all possible ways. The technology is made use and trying to oppose their visit to the earth itself that no chance is given them for a breeding. But the problem with the issue is that the alien breeding occurs as sleep paralysis often. Then even the ladies forget such an intercourse happened. The marks prove the incident had occurred. But no evidences support it. The women who have these marks can be hypnotized. Then they can recollect the exact incident and how it happened. This is essential to get an idea of a future happening in the similar manner.

No man made equipments are available to give a warning of an alien attack. The alien cross breeding increase in number to establish their kingdom on earth. Man need to take maximum effort to get himself secured from this. All technological advancements are brought together and scientists have brought humanity together in an open attack against aliens. Man has to stand helpless in case of such happenings which are beyond his control.