Area 51: Alien Cover-Up?

Where I’m from, Area 51 is a dance club that was shut down because it caused too many problems within the city, but to many who believe in UFO conspiracy theories, Area 51 doesn’t stand for a party in the middle of the night. To them, Area 51 represents a site where the U.S. government is suspected of covering up alien sightings and evidence.

Area 51 is referred to as many different names, including Dreamland, The Farm, The Box, Watertown, as well as Groom Lake. It is a piece of land remotely tucked away in southern Nevada; owned by the federal government. This location is primarily used to test and create secret, military aircraft.

“The Farm” has served as home and testing ground for some of the most high-tech plane developments, including the SR-71 Blackbird, U-2, as well as the F-117 Stealth Fighter. To this day, there are still reports that more advanced planes are being created and tested at this site. Not only does the secretiveness surrounding the aircraft at this location raise a few eyebrows, but also the claims of strange phenomena occurring in the area. Some reports include claims of strange light beams hovering over the site.

Area 51 has been accused of hiding, examining and testing an alien spacecraft that was supposed to have crashed on Earth. It is also suspected that Area 51 also has or had living and dead alien specimens, studying them and performing autopsies. These subjects were supposed to have come from Roswell, which is considered to be one of the most well known stories regarding UFO sightings.

In 1947, an alien aircraft is reported to have crashed somewhere in the New Mexican desert near Roswell. Residents claim to have discovered the scene, witnessing dead and injured alien beings. It was the military that soon arrived, “covering up” the incident. It is said that scientists have been running tests on the supposed alien aircraft in order to advance the government’s own creations.

In 1989, a man by the name of Bob Lazar went on a Las Vegas television program and stated that he had seen and worked with alien aircraft. He claimed that this occurred at the facility referred to as S-4 in Papoose Lake, which is south of Area 51.

Agreeing with Lazar, a retired mechanical engineer in his 70’s, claimed that he has been working for 30 years on a secret project for the government. He said that he had taken part in designing flight simulators that would mimic alien “flying saucers.” He also claimed that he has seen “gray” aliens during this time, retelling how a crash in Arizona was the first time that aliens and the government came into contact with one another. The retired engineer also believes that there were many alien crashes in the southwest during the 1940s and 50s. Some skeptics believe that this individual heard Lazar’s story and created one of his own to coincide and gain attention.

Since Area 51 is an off-limits area to the public, one can only speculate on what occurs at this location, but as for now, one will believe what they want until proven otherwise.