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by Norio Hayakawa:

      The biggest secret about “Area 51” is the fact that it had never really been a secret base.

     The construction of this  sprawling aerospace complex in Nevada, erroneously known as “Area 51”,  began in the month of May of 1955.

      Since about 16 years ago  “Area 51” has become associated ridiculously (wittingly, unwittingly, or “conveniently”) with false rumors of “alien technology” and “global” conspiracies.

I, Norio Hayakawa ,
Civilian Intelligence Network
was at one time a proponent of such conspiracy theories , but several years ago I totally abandoned such conspiratorial views regarding this base.  

Furthermore I am no longer associated with any conspiracy theories, period.    Today I am an ardent supporter of the importance and necessity of this vital base for our national defense.   I have come to the realization that this base, officially named  “an operating base near Groom Lake” is here to stay, no matter what.   It is a real aerospace complex which had never really been a top secret base, to begin with.    (go to the link below for an excellent article by aersopace historian, Peter Merlin

The dilemma for the government included the ironical fact that initially it did not name the complex with a proper official name, except for “the operating base”.  Moreover, it never intended to advertize to the world that there was such a complex next to the dry lake at the northeast corner of the Nevada Test Site, well secluded and surrounded by mountains.   
Eventually, however, some people (mountain climbers, hunters, hikers, etc.) began to notice the base, begining around the early seventies.   Then towards the late eighties, rumors began to circulate.   The pandora’s box was opened in 1989 with the appearance of a Bob Lazar (a self-proclaimed “government scientist”) on a Las Vegas radio talk show and consequently picked by by KLAS-TV Eyewitness News (George Knapp, et. al).   The rest is history.
Therefore it became a “secret” base to those who began to believe in such stories and misinformation, which were later acclerated and manipulated by paranoia mongers.
I must admit that I was one of those who were caught up in the initial frenzy of Area 51 conspiracies from 1989 and into the early 90s and made many foolish mistakes which I regret very much to this day.   I was taken in by such baseless rumors and therefore was an unwitting participant in the propagation of “Area 51”).

     Area 51 today is a vibrant aerospace R & D conglomerate test base, employing anywhere from 1800 to 2400 defense contractor employees, working in shifts on diversified projects.  Some of the contractors include Raytheon, Lockheed, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, TRW, E..G. & G and General Atomics,
One of the best recent color satellite photos of the base was taken on Thursday, July 24,  2003:

Color Satellite Photo of Area 51 taken on July 24, 2003

    Perhaps what I consider to be the best history of Area 51 was recently compiled by Peter Merlin, an aerospace historian who resides near Edwards Air Force Base in California:

Area 51 Was Never A Secret, Classified Base

   By the way I would like to announce that in May of 2005, there will be several celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of  this important base .     Needless to say, the “official” celebrations, closed to the public, will most likely be held at the base itself, including the Base Headquarters (or, officially, Building #269, according to the the Security Manual of the base entitled DET 3 SP), the Administration Building (Bldg. #265), the Dining Hall (Bldg. #267) and at Building #170) which contains a large officers’ lounge known as “Sam’s Place”, the gymnasium and the swimming pool.    

     However, there will be other “private”celebrations at diverse aerospace facilities both in Nevada and in Southern California, including the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base, whose Detachment 3 operations are allegedly tied in with the Nevada base.

     Aside from these private gatherings, there will be several “public” festivities marking the Golden Anniversary of Area 51.  On Saturday, May 28, the largest of these gatherings will be held adjacent to the eastern boundary of the base alongside Groom Lake Rd.  and will be headed by Joerg Arnu, webmaster of
Area 51 – Dreamland Resort
the world’s largest online source of information on Area 51.

     Several hundred supporters and “aficionados” of Area 51, including military aviation enthusiasts , are expected to celebrate outside the eastern boundary of the base  with a camp-out, barbecue and live music entertainment along with various speakers. 

      According to Arnu, May 28 was selected because it coincides with the Memorial Day weekend and thus it would be easier for the public to make it to the celebrations.

     The news media is expected to cover the event and the Bureau of Land Management is also expected to participate by helping with the coordination of parking and other logistics needed to make the event a success.
For more info, go to:
The 50th Anniversary celebration of Area 51 on May 28, 2005 – public invited !!

-from Norio Hayakawa 

P.O. BOX 861051
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On a final note:

Con artists have peddled (and some still are peddling) disinformation, misinformation as well as downright false rumors through the Internet as well as through appearances on wacky radio talk shows such as Art Bell, etc. and it is amazing how some gullible segment of the population (including some so-called “UFO researchers”) are taken in by these hucksters.
It is no wonder that the mainstream seems to categorize “UFO research” as part of “pseudo science”.
I am ashamed to admit that I myself wasted more than 45 years of my life in this wacky world of “ufoology” and have nothing to show for it after all these years of fruitless pursuit of this subject matter.
I am glad to get out of this field, although I did learn a lot about human psychology during these past 45 years.
I highly recommend to everyone the following excellent (and humorous) website that exposes some of the con artists of ufoology: