Argentina Abduction Finally Reported After 40 Years

In the 1970’s the climate of Argentina was one of rebellion and fear.  The Dirty War had begun resulting in the disappearance of people nationwide who were killed by guerrillas.  By the end of the war over 15,000 would be killed in the bloody war against the guerrillas.  The average person lived in fear of being captured by shadowy drug cartels.  One abduction story, however, would prove to be quite different.  In the city of Buenos Ares a group of friends would be abducted by creatures not of this Earth.  Only now after 31 years would this incredible story finally come out.

It was Halloween night in 1978 just before midnight.  Halloween normally wasn’t celebrated in Argentina, and wouldn’t be widely recognized until the mid 1990’s which makes the encounter’s timing all the more strange.  Though the night was clear, weather at that time of year could change at a moment’s notice.  Four friends were traveling by car through the city when one passenger, (whose name shall be changed to simply Andrea to protect her identity) noticed a strange object in the sky.

If the direction the truck was heading was 12 O’clock, this object would have been hovering at the 10 O’clock position ahead of them somewhere between 100 and 200 feet high.  Upon noticing it, Andrea informed her friend driving the vehicle and he pulled off to the side of the road and stopped directly under the path of the passing craft.  Soon the object changed its relative position to the 8 O’clock position and began descending.  Observers in the car noticed that the object was absolutely massive as it slowed down and approached their position.  Andrea noticed an “entity” in the lower level sparking those in the car to become excited and terrified.  Yellow Light was flooding their car as the object stopped directly above them no more than thirty feet off the ground and completely soundless.

What happened next was somehow completely blocked out of Andrea’s memory as she reports, “Next thing I remember was me getting up in a sort of spiral steps escorting by an alien behind me I think to the second level.”  Andrea was confused at first by their experience, but describes her captors as friendly in demeanor and appearance, “An alien almost 7 feet tall with blond hair and a colorful tight uniform was standing up just in front of me on my right side when I reached the floor level.  His head was kind of upside down conical shape”

The creatures on board were friendly to Andrea.  She said various human-like entities were working at control panels and walking around generally greeting her with friendly eyes and she felt no fear during the experience.  As she reached the control room her memories suddenly faded.  When trying to recall what happened next she simply couldn’t.

It’s not unusual for Abductees to block out the majority (if not all) of their memories as they are taken aboard the craft by alien captors.  If there was more to this story, some active force is working to block it out of Andrea’s memory.  Still, this encounter seems similar to other reports of the humanoid alien race many call simply “The Norse.”