Arizona Witnesses Report Missile Fired on UFO

We’ve been covering the recent spate of unexplainable aerial phenomena occurring above Arizona these past two weeks, but the most recent report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network suggests the incidents reported almost nightly from the state are escalating.  The witness suggests he and his family observed what he describes as a missile being fired at a mysterious glowing ball of light hovering in the distance near Prescott Arizona.  Were the witnesses who observed this latest sighting seeing new military technology being tested?  Or is something stranger going on in the skies?

The report suggests that witnesses were sitting in their back yards enjoying a barbecue when suddenly the reporting witness spotted a mysterious glowing light in the sky.  As he watched the strange white light, he thought at first it was nothing more than a satellite hovering in orbit above the planet, but later would consider that the object was at his point too bright and moving far too fast to be an ordinary satellite.  Then, just as suddenly as the object had appeared another glowing object, this one looking like a shooting star passed beneath it.  The reporting witness suggests that this second object looked to him like it was some sort of projectile like a missile.  Shortly after the second object passed beneath the UFO, the UFO suddenly turned from bright white to a deep red and slowed down dramatically.  Shortly after this the witnesses reported the object suddenly passing behind a mountain and out of their sight.  What happened next would be in keeping with the current theme of mysterious aerial activity over the state of Arizona.

Two F-16 fighters reportedly soared through the air at the exact point the glowing object had been seen and seemed to follow it, also disappearing behind the mountain.  Though the witness report was strange and by all accounts dramatic, it was only the latest in a long list of strange interactions between conventional military aircraft and these strange lights in the sky reported from the state of Arizona in the past two weeks.

Is this some sort of military maneuver intended to test a new military technology previously unknown by the civilian population?  Or is there some sort of secret conflict ongoing in the desert skies of the American Southwest?  As the mystery deepens, it seems incontrovertible that something strange is certainly going on.  Precisely what that is, and why so many reports from different witnesses have come up in such a short time describing this unusual conflict is still a matter of mystery.  And yet this is the first report we have uncovered that seems to suggest the aerial game of cat and mouse may in fact have become something quite a bit more drastic.  If missiles or shots are being fired from one aircraft onto another, it could be important either way.

Whether this is a series of military maneuvers intended to test a new technology the military has developed shrouded in the UFO controversy or if it’s a more fantastic story is yet to be seen.  One thing is certain, however.  If you’re in Arizona, keep your eyes on the sky.