Armed Guard Reports Triple Alien Encounter

An encounter with one alien would be strange enough, but one witness who submitted his report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) website says he encountered not one, but three different types of alien creatures one day in 1991 while he was guarding a farm in Falmouth Kentucky.  The encounter has haunted the witness for several years, and involved three different “archetypes” of alien.

It all started as the witness was eating lunch one day.  One of the workers on the farm came up to him and suggested that he had seen trespassers on the farm.  After finishing up his meal, the man loaded his gun and decided to set out to see if he could find where the trespassers had gone in the hopes of running them off.  After trekking out into the middle of the nearby woods, he suddenly caught sight of something darting behind a tree.  Leveling the barrel of his shotgun he called out to the shape and as it emerged, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The creature was short, approximately three and a half feet tall.  It had grey skin and large black eyes that looked up with him cold and alien.  As he hesitated, wondering what he should do next the being suddenly seemed to telepathically say to him not to shoot.  It then explained it was going to leave him alone and took off running up the hill to a seven foot tall beam of light that appeared on the hilltop.  Just as the creature was about to leave, the witness recounts that at this point he became aware of another creature standing behind him.  As he turned to face this new unknown entity, he described the entity as being scaly like a lizard, but with insect-like features.  The witness was disturbed, but terrified at this point.  Shortly after that a third entity appeared – this one appearing like a tall Bigfoot type entity.  After the experience the witness suddenly lost consciousness and woke up hours later.

When he came to, he returned to his post back at the farm and one of the workers there asked him where he had been all day.  He had no recollection of the events that transpired prior to this after encountering the two strange creatures.  While it might sound fantastic, the idea of multiple types of aliens working in concert in a single area has been reported before in the past.  And while these encounters seem too strange to be believed by some, others say the testimony of those involved in them only add to a mountain of evidence suggesting we are being visited far more than we may have originally thought.

The witness further went on to speculate that it’s possible the entities could have been transdimensional thus resulting in their ability to disappear without a trace.  Just how this works, none of us could even venture a guess.