Artifacts Stolen from “Alien Pharaoh” Dynasty

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Though the lives of the Egyptian people have been changed considerably in recent months, burglaries resulted in the loss of eight relics from the Museum of Cairo.  But there’s more to the story than the simple loss of some of the most treasured pieces of history in the ancient city.  Something very strange indeed.  All of the stolen relics pertained to the same dynasty – and it’s one that was particularly significant to believers of the “Alien Pharaoh” theory.

Akhenaten, as many have theorized over the years, was depicted in all relevant art as bearing a very striking and peculiar appearance.  In art of the ancient Pharaoh he was frequently depicted nude, but with no indicator as to his gender.  This, coupled with his elongated head, incredibly long fingers, his frequent appearances communicating with the sun, and images of his family have indicated to believers in the ancient alien theory that the figure was not of this Earth.  And the fact that the relics that disappeared mysteriously during the riots in Egypt were all relevant to his dynastic order have sounded alarms in the field that this may have been more than the work of an art thief.

Theories have ranged as all others from the reasonable to the semi-reasonable and ultimately even to the fantastic.  But if there were a central organized reason behind the stealing of these artifacts by a shadowy figure, perhaps looking into what precisely they were could be of some help.

A list of the stolen artifacts was compiled by Dr. Zahi Hawass on his blog.  Included was a wooden statue of Tutankhamun, the son of Akhenaten and Pharaoh who would later have a terrible curse accompany the treasures found in his tomb.  Another artifact from the famous “King Tut’s Tomb” was a statue of the Pharoah harpooning.  A limestone statue of Akhenaten bearing a table for offerings to the gods or (in the case of Akhenaten) the singular force from above.  A wooden shabti statue from Yuya had been taken.  An amarna princess, descended from Akhenaten was similarly taken alongside a statue of one of the Amarnan scribes.  And finally the Heart Scarab of Yuya, the courier said to have fathered Kheperkheprure Ay who would eventually herself rule Egypt.

The objects in themselves didn’t seem to bear any striking significance outside of their own historical importance, but a few who have read the news have started proposing that there may be some connection between the objects disappearing.  Whether this is true or not has yet to be seen, but the idea of an individual or group of individuals going around stealing these artifacts to bring about some unknown end has been inspiring many imaginations and stirring others to seek other dots in this possible puzzle to connect.  Was the theft merely a coincidence?  Or is there something behind the stealing of these artifacts that has caused some to believe there might be something more to this case?  Only time and the proper research will shed any light on this stirring case.