Astronaut Another Small Step for Disclosure

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A former NASA astronaut has come forward saying he believes aliens are not only real, but he may have had a close encounter while orbiting Earth.  The idea that an astronaut would come forward and admit to such an incredible claim is by no means unique, but after a while these claims begin to paint a very unmistakable picture.

Clark C. McLelland, long respected for his association with NASA and a veteran astronaut himself has come forward establishing that while aboard the Columbia space shuttle he encountered a mysterious disc-shaped craft that buzzed past their ship and he even was able to catch it on film.  The footage shows a simple glowing object passing in front of a porthole on the spacecraft and then emitting a mysterious light as the camera rolls.  And now Mclelland’s voice has been added to myriad others all declaring that something unusual is going on with the UFO phenomenon.  And Dr. Story Musgrave, also associated with NASA for his long time contributions has come forward as saying, “These guys are real.  I guarantee it.”

Over the course of the past few decades several astronauts, including Gordon Cooper, Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell, James Lovell, and Frank Boreman have all encountered objects floating in space that simply defy explanation.  As the astronauts come forward as associating themselves with a subject that is no doubt rife with controversy they entangle themselves in a growing movement of people directly involved with the government coming out as saying that something happening in the skies is entirely beyond our ability to explain.  And while it doesn’t necessarily seem like the incidents themselves have gotten more frequent, they have certainly gotten frequent enough that there’s no way these officials can keep silent about their own experiences.

And there also seems to be a knowing edge to some of the testimony, such as that suggested by Dr. Musgrave that makes you ask yourself, “What else does he know?”  As these doctors, astronauts, nuclear engineers, and missile defense officials come forward each with their own accounts that extend far beyond anything we in the public have been able to accept.  Just what is going on beyond the scope of our Earth?  And is appearing in space in front of astronauts entirely accidental or for the purpose of communicating their presence to others on our planet?

As this latest testimony is added to the long list of previous testimonies offered up by astronauts and other scientists we can only wait in the hopes that at some future date our questions will be answered by either full government investigation and subsequent disclosure or by the visitors -whatever they may be- themselves.  Until then, the mysteries hovering above us in the skies will remain an intractable mystery and the testimonies of those whose eyes first witnessed them will remain entirely unexplainable.  But in its own way, an astronaut coming forward and guaranteeing aliens are real is in its own way a sort of disclosure.  And it may be as official as we will get for now.