Aussie Witness Releases Shocking Video of Alien

Last month we brought you a piece on the attention a shocking video was getting as it made its way across the internet.  But this latest release from the same witness is both compelling and disturbing to viewers who are bound to ask themselves if the image they are seeing is actually of a close encounter of the third kind.  Some have hailed this as the final proof we’ve been looking for while others say it’s nothing more than an impressive fake.  Is the witness’ disturbing video is any indicator, strange things are happening in Australia.

The video, originally uploaded to Youtube, is only a minute long and is a photo montage with accompanying commentary by the photographer himself.  He suggests that the strange creature being filmed is of unknown origin and this is only the latest incident in a long series of visitations that have been plaguing him for some time.  The photos are by no means clear, but are some of the most compelling for sure.

Upon initial inspection of the images, a few of them in particular stand out as definite evidence of an alien grey or other similar creature.  The massive white or grey head, the almond shaped black eyes, the lack of a distinctive nose, and the small thin frame (or what can be seen of it) seem to all indicate a strange creature closely resembling the classic grey type alien.  But as with so many images captured of a grey alien, it’s very difficult to actually pin down what it is precisely or if it was a fake.  Taking the images to a specialist who deals with fake images, he suggested that while the images did not appear to be doctored by any digital editing technique, his final analysis remained inconclusive.

“It’s difficult to say if the images are actually photoshopped, but there are a few classic hoaxing techniques I think we can safely rule out.  You can see a straight line of pixelation along the bottom near the head that looks slightly suspicious, but we see these same lines in perfectly legitimate photographs all the time.  I don’t want to say what you’ve got here is real because it seems too crazy to believe, but it seems like if it’s a fake it’s not a digital fake.”

Other theories being postulated include a mask being worn or some sort of puppet being controlled on a stick.  But in connection with the other  video uploaded to Youtube where the witness showed the (presumably) same creature moving in the background behind the grass, some are starting to lean toward genuine.  The witness’ demeanor toward the events, while strange, are certainly not beyond the realm of belief as with so many others videos.  But the final judge, in matters such as these, will always have to be the viewer.  Is the search for alien visitors reaching a disturbing reality?  Or is this nothing more than a massive hoax?