Australian Alien Makes Shocking Video Appearance

You may recall a strange story of a witness who videotaped an alien entity in his back yard while videotaping his cat.  And now a third video has come from this witness reportedly showing an extraterrestrial standing in his backyard.  But with this latest video coming from nowhere, many are curious if this is actually the genuine article or if the third time is proving less than charming.

The video, which contains harsh language takes place in a young man’s back yard after he wakes up and steps outside.  Calling out, “Hello?” into the darkness behind his house, he suddenly caught sight of a large headed being staring out at him from the darkness.  Exclaiming expletives the whole way, the gentleman then attempts to focus in on the creature and you can clearly see an unusually large head beholding two massive black eyes.  The creature then stands there moving, but doesn’t raise its arms or anything particularly animate.

The witness eventually leaves and the video ends.  Now is this genuine proof of a close encounter of the third kind?  Consider that several videos have been posted of this creature in this particular back yard.  And while it may seem compelling and dramatic evidence to some, others are saying as more of the footage comes out that it leaves much to be desired.

On previous encounters the witness claimed to have been physically attacked by an alien, showing a nasty looking bruise.  And then before that he showed two videos which we reported on.  So the question many skeptics are asking is, after so many opportunities to film the creature, why is the best evidence still a blurry blob in the background?  The first video from this incident is probably the most recognizable as a typical grey, particularly with its shining eyes that appear to reflect back light.

So is this Australian witness taking us for a ride?  Let’s consider the situation from the potential visitor’s perspective.  If there is clearly an agenda to keep the alien presence on Earth secret, what would the creature stand to gain if it were to repeatedly appear in this witness’ back yard?  And why would it stay in one place over time?  Is this more likely than the videos being made as a good-natured joke?

Of course there is also reason many people are giving to take a second look at this video.  The witness does seem genuinely agitated, according to some.  And the alien creature itself, while still blurry, has never been shown to conclusively be a fake.  In fact, the closer many look into the images themselves, the more evidence they find that they may be looking at an actual three dimensional object operating in third time.  In other words, it’s not CG.  But hoaxes were around long before the advent of computer graphics.  So is this a model of an alien or some sort of elaborate costume?  You be the judge.