Australian UFO Files Disappear

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Australia has lost its UFO files after a FOI request was filed for the Sydney Morning Herald.  The newspaper requesting the information was later contacted by the Australian Department of Defense and was told all files but one had mysteriously disappeared.  The remaining file was coverage of several different scattered incidents.  And so if the UFO files disappeared so conveniently, the question remains – what is in those files?  And is this a massive coincidence or something else?

The alleged coincidence began as so many do in this field, with a request for information.  The newspaper submitted its Freedom of Information request (similar to the American FOIA request) but then when the Australian Department of Defence looked in its files it found nothing was there.  At least that’s what they say.  But several others in the paranormal community have different ideas, including the fact that it may have been taken out.  And when the revelation came that these documents may have been destroyed, that’s when the theories really began to fly.

To be fair it does certainly seem like the dramatic ending to an episode of the famed staple of 90’s paranormal culture the X-Files.  But unlike the show, it appears the culprit may not have been a solitary cigarette smoking man orchestrating a vast conspiracy, but rather a lack of organization on the part of the department.  But are we really to believe that the Australian Defence Agency is uninterested in UFOs?

Evidence suggests quite the contrary.  Indeed several world governments have for years proclaimed having only a passing interest in the UFO phenomenon, but then behind closed doors will be pouring over the files and -as eyewitness testimony has suggested for years- will study the events and even trade information with other nations.  Much to the contrary of popular perception the governments of the world are indeed interested in the UFO phenomenon for several reasons, but even a few that do not require a clandestine alien cover-up conspiracy.

When Russian MIG fighter jets were first spotted by civilians in Soviet Russia, more than a few thought the mysterious craft may have been of extraterrestrial origin.  Looking into the documents of the time the police gradually saw a trickling of evidence that suggested something unusual was up in the sky.  But alongside them all over the world as aerial technology progressed there have been other reports of stranger things up in the sky.  Why are these plane reports mingling with UFO stories significant?  It’s a simple matter of fleecing through them and attempting to learn what we can of military technology.  And though Australia has remained for the most part Neutral, when aerial technology travels faster than the speed of sound regularly it’s certainly likely a top secret military aircraft may still be mistaken for something extraterrestrial even in our contemporary enlightenment.  So the story that these files likely just sat on a shelf with no one even chancing a glance at them is fairly unlikely in this scenario.  And we may be looking at a cover-up in the making.  A cover up of what, however, is anyone’s guess – be it from our own planet or elsewhere.