Australian Witness Reports Strange Event During Storm

A witness from the land down under has come forward and submitted his report to the Mutual UFO Network regarding a strange light in the sky he observed while working on location just outside of the city limits of Gladstone.  And even as far as UFO reports go, this account is fairly strange and dramatic.  The witness reports not only seeing a strange object in the distance but also feeling a sense of calm using the words “like everything was normal” to describe the event.

It all started, as so many UFO reports do, as the witness was out taking a cigarette break.  The thick black clouds hung in the sky low spilling much needed rain on the countryside occasionally breaking up the steady drone with tremendous booms of thunder.  But as the witness looked out onto the lonely horizon he soon found himself staring at what appeared to be a car coming toward his position from the distant mountains.  But soon as he continued watching the object, expecting it to come closer at any moment, he realized it was not moving closer, but slowly up into the sky above the mountains in the distance.  He sat there watching as the “headlights” slowly turned red feeling a sense that what he was witnessing was not out of the ordinary at all.

As he continued to watch, he soon realized he had been sitting out there for close to a quarter of an hour watching the strange object steadily blinking on the horizon.  Demonstrating he was familiar with many of the phenomena associated with UFO events, he reported that during the experience there was no missing time.  Instead, he simply reported feeling compelled to continue watching the strange object as it swelled up into the sky and simply hung there.  He didn’t have any inferences as to what it could be doing out in the rural mountain area he was working in, but did report that the feeling he had was a sort of perfect serenity.

Australia is no stranger to strange phenomena.  On April 6, 1966, students at Westall High School reportedly observed a strange object land in a field just outside of the school’s premises.  And in 1978 the tragic Valentich disappearance took place wherein Frederick Valentich disappeared after reportedly encountering a mysterious flying object hovering in the sky as he was approaching Moorabbin Airport.  Shortly after Valentich’s disappearance, Australia saw a major UFO flap with people calling in to newspapers with stories of seeing strange disc shaped craft hovering in the skies.

This most recent report of an unidentified flying object ends with the object drifting off and disappearing behind the mountains.  Of course one of the most classic modern incarnations of the “weather balloon” explanation, that of flying Chinese lanterns, seems unlikely in this case as weather conditions reportedly would have made such a craft unable to survive for more than a few seconds.  Just what did this witness see?  And what was it doing?