Ayahuasca and Alien

The Ayahuasca is a plant preparation made in different part of South America, especially in the amazonian forest. It is used by lots of tribes there and are prepared by shamans. It is used to enter in contact with some entities, some gods or spirits. The principal chemical agent is the DMT (N-dimethyltryptamine). This chemical is in fact product by our own brain in various quantity. Some researchers investigated the propriety of this beverage (the Ayahuasca) and the DMT. They tried on themselves and studied people who used it. Timothy Leary, Zarkov and Mckenna are some of these researchers.

Interestingly, every people who tried the Ayahuasca described another world and described it in the same way. It seems to be a coherent world. It also seems that it is the real world and the Ayahuasca, especially the DMT permit to access some feelings and visions we are normally not able with not enough DMT in our brain. Some said that the DMT actives some part of our brain and we are then able to see and feel what we coudn’t normally see and feel. The reptile brain products more DMT than the human one, and several experiences with DMT show people as reptiles. Some said that some extraterrestrial beings which are in fact reptiles have made the human with the mix of their own DNA and some other genetic samples. The Ayahuasca and DMT would wake up this origin.

The tribes describe their vision with lots of details, they are more used to DMT that the occidental researchers and, since thousands of year use these plants. They often describes flying saucer and ET conducting them during their experiences. It is fantastic because they never heard about all the occidental stories about UFO , Roswell, etc… Furthermore, when the Spaniards went in South America, they translate these visions by some christian angels and believed that was god who send them to this part of the world. But in fact Shamans told about sophisticated engine with powerful lights. They could see these UFO only when they used the Ayahuasca. Some researcher as T. Leary experimented the same. It said also that these ET talked to them and knew that they drunk the Ayahuasca beverage. The DMT is very powerful. It is illegal in most countries of the world even if it is product by our own brain. Everybody should be in jail 😛