Beautiful Dreams and Horrible Nights Continued

Beautiful Dreams and Horrible Nights Continued

This is a continuation of a previous post. Before continuing you should read it if you have not for this will make little or no sense of you don’t. It is located here: http://www.totse.com/en/fringe/dreams_auras_astral_projection/themindcapable169201.html

I hesitated to write this post because of the intensity of which things have happened in the past few days. I was unsure if it was time or whether to wait. But I have decided to get it down before I give my decision. As I left off on the last post I had been experiencing extreme amounts of pain on a daily basis and this Thing had shown me my death. Things have changed now. Much has happened. I have learned a great deal. I do not ask you to believe what I am saying only to listen and then find answers for yourself. Now lets begin…

The night I wrote the last post I made a decision to instead of fighting these visions of my death to instead allow them to flow. Up until that point after the rush of darkness and cold after I was apparently shot I would break off the vision in fear. I did not do that this time. I instead kept my mind focused and alert as to what was happening. The dream followed its same routine. I stayed in the cold darkness this time. It seemed like eons. I refused to break it off, I had to see the end. I did. After a long time a light appeared Then I was some how pushed out into the light. I looked up to see an older man in scrubs holding me. I looked to my left to see my father, but not as he is today but as he was when I was born. I was then handed to my mother who was crying. Then It broke the vision off. As I came from the vision back into reality I felt its power come close to me as if it went to touch me. It then spoke. It asked me “Do you understand now?” I was ripped with fear. I refused to run, I was tired of running. Slowly the fear subsided and I began to think of what It had shown me in the vision. Then I did understand. I understood that time is a loop. It repeats itself over and over again. Each person has a life. They will live this life over and over threw each “cycle” or repeat of time. Almost instantly I felt the energy around me shift as if it was pleased. I gathered what courage i could and spoke out and said “who and what are you” It answered.

It first it said its name was Mosaf and believed he was once mail. Mosaf then went on to explain that he was once a soul much like you and I. That he was once in the cycle and was one of us. He said he doesn’t remember much of his life only tiny fragments. He knows he was male and lived to be around 65. He remembers the cold darkness after its death. But he said something happened suddenly, he was pulled from the darkness and was back in our world. But not as one of us but as a spirit. He could not be seen nor heard. He was lost and confused in a world that he was no longer a part of. He watched the world pass him by and he said the end came and it started over. A new cycle began. The same as the previous but now it started from the beginning. He went through 5 cycles before he said he discovered he did have a hold in our world. When passing a old man in past china the man turned and looked directly into his eyes. He said he was struck with wonder. He moved around the man and found the man to follow his movement. He followed this man for years trying to figure out how this was possible and what made it work. He found that this man was a monk and studied heavily in meditation and oneness with the universe. He also discovered that an energy flowed around himself and every person on the planet. Threw constant practice his ability to sense this energy grew and so did the energy he exhibited around him. He found the greater his energy was the more he could effect us in our world. He had little or no ability on people with very low amounts of energy. However he found with great effort he could effect persons with great amount of energy in them. At first it was only them turning and looking at him as if they actually saw him even though he knew they did not. He constantly increased his energy and abilities. He now shifted to what he said was the 792nd cycle. He had gained enough energy to be able to effect the minds of strong individuals to be able to place images in the minds to be able to infect their dreams. He sought out the strongest minds he could find with a goal in mind. To stop the terrible things he had seen in so many cycles of time. To change time for the better. He did find people strong enough for him to be able to try and teach them of the world. It caused them great pain and drove many mad. But the few that did survive the experience or “training” were willing to help him and to try. He gave them his power of sight and his memory of past cycles to enable them to find and try and change the future. They tried. He said they all failed all but one. Those that failed attempted to change the event at its happening only to discover it was to late that the roots of the problem where to long sown. But one the last in the last cycle did succeed. She discovered a way to destroy the roots before they had grown. To instead of try and effect the future directly to instead do it throguh a ripple in time. A time ripple is causing an event that was not meant to happen originally that over time through person to person cause and effect changes the future in a big way. Through this ripple she was able to prevent a deadly outbreak that was one fo the many final straws of the worlds end. This allowed us to live on for 258 more years. But the world still ended in much the same way as it always had. Now he is at our cycle and he is trying again but with the use of the time ripple to more successfully help the world. Now I felt his energy shift to the other side of the room and there was silence. I was over whelmed, still drawing it in and trying to sort it out. One question stuck out in my mind more than anything. What was the beginning and what was the end? So I spoke out again much more reassured to get an answer. There was a long pause as if it was determining whether to tell me or not. But it did finally speak and what he said next startled me, He responded by saying “Let me show you”, I almost instantly was developed into a vision unlike anything I had experienced until now. It was not only seen and heard, I was there. What I saw and felt next is as follows to the best I can describe it.

In the beginning there was nothing, no earth, no space, no light, just nothing, emptiness, no cold, no warmth, nothing. No sense could detect anything at all. But then something happened. A being appeared. Not of physical form but of what appeared to be pure energy. It seemed to just float there in the nothingness for hours and then I sensed a feeling of disapproval in the being. What I saw next overwhelmed me. Creation. I felt extreme amount of energy moving around me as if drawing all to a center point off in the distance, a ball grew from a speck to a giant mass of stone, Then ignited in a brilliant roar of intense fire, the sun, the brilliance of its light washed of the me and this being. I sensed approval and then I saw another ball much smaller now appear. The being went towards the ball and I followed. It was barren. It seemed to be just a ball of rock much like the moon in appearance. Then water poured over the surface of the ball. An atmosphere accumulated. It was our earth. Again I felt the great energy flow around me but instead of to a focal point it went out in every direction. Millions of tiny specks of light appeared in the darkness. The stars. I was so overwhelmed by the brilliance of what In was seeing I almost didn’t see the being go down to the surface. I struggles to follow and caught up with the being as it now stood on the side of a mass of water that reached than my eyes could see. But the water was flat without ripples or movement. I sensed the beings disapproval. The energy again accumulated and shot towards a focal point in the sky, the moon appeared over head, smooth and without any craters or imperfection of any kind. Then I felt the air around me begin to move. Slowly at first but then faster and faster until my hair was being whipped around violently. The water began to move to make waves. I sensed the beings approval. And the winds calmed to a quick breeze. Now the being turned to the barren landscape and vegetation began to form It was as if the being had turned time into fast forward. As I saw plants grow in the blink of an eye but I saw not one die. Then everything came to a halt once again. The being reached out what appeared to be arms of energy and placed the ends together as if they where hands. It picked up a pile of sand in its hands and closed them in a ball around the sand. When it reopened a small creature emerged unlike anything I had ever seen. I was about 6 inches long and only maybe an inch wide. It had no legs and the body of a snake but own much shorter. The being placed the creature on the ground and once again time was swept into fast forward. I watched as the once barren world now teamed with plant life and I began to see movement not caused by the wind. There where creatures everywhere. There where now many variates and each second they grew more distinct and different until there where creatures of every shape and size. Then again the world halted again. I felt the approval of the being once again but after a moment felt another emotion. It was alone in a world it had created with no one to share it with. I turned once again to the sand and the sand began to move and to take a shape. I was the form of a human. The being placed its hands on the chest of the form and the form came to life. As it rose the sand that was once its form fell off as it was only a light covering over its skin. It was a man. I sensed much approval from the being. Then it repeated the process again and again forming thousands of humans both male and female each perfect and flawless. After each was created the human would look around and walk off into the world. As I watched in awe the vision faded.

I was back in my room with the Mosaf near to me. I could feel his energy moving away from me back to the edge of the room. I was at a loss of words. He spoke and said “Satisfied?” At first I could not speak only try and take in all I had seen and felt. He spoke. “That is the worlds god. The thing they reach for and worship. They are all mistaken in their beliefs.” I responded cutting him off “What do you mean?” He responded “He is no longer happy with his creations he has grown tired of us. That is why he will end this cycle as he has time and time again.” I asked “Why?” He answered “We are destroying what he has created at an ever increasing rate. When we have destroyed what it decides is enough it will end it.” I asked “How can this be stopped?”

He began quickly as if he had been waiting for this. He first explained that he has already found others that have tried and successfully changed things in this cycle but there is much more to be changed. Their time has gone and they await the next cycle. It is now my time he said. I am the only one he has found during this time that is why he hit me so hard in making me understand. He then asked me If I would help him. I at first was going to say yes outright but then decided to question what he meant exactly. First I asked “What will happen if I decide to help you?” He responded by telling me that it would be a extremely painful and there are risks involved. The process he explained would be to first give me his memory of time. Everything he knows and has learned over time I will posses. All his abilities of sight and sense will but put into me. If I survive the process of the transfer without going mad and can control it he will then assist me in finding where to start the ripple to change what he wish to be changed. He refused to tell me what it is he sees that needs to be changed. The risks involved are first of course the obvious of going mad and then second he spoke of a risk of becoming like him. A chance of falling out of sync with the cycle and becoming like him. Never existing to the world. I then asked what happens if I say no. He responded coldly. Everything you have been given will be gone. Your vision your control your power. Will be gone as well as me. I will not contact you again. You will be left to your life as you see fit. But bare in mind you have chance to change the outcome of the human race. It is your choice to make I cant force you to help me. You ahve three days to decide I will return on the third day for your answer. With that he was gone from my presence.

It is now the 3rd day, he will return tonight for my answer. For a long time I was leaning towards saying no. To finally make it all stop and to go on with my life. But I would be unable to live knowing that I could have done something to change the world, to save us all. I have decided to go through with it. To try and help him. My life is not important enough compared that of millions. I hope I am making the right decision and that I will be able to handle this. This will be my last post. I hope what I have said will not go unheard. Please seek out your own answers but look past this world. Train your mind, learn of what is going on. If Mosaf contacts you do not fear him as I did, listen and learn from him. He is here to help us all from a god that is lost to us. The rest of this post is a an explanation of my techniques of meditation and how I learned what I know. I hope it can be of use to you.

My meditation technique used through out everything:

First find a room where you can lay flat on your back on the floor no obstructions touching you on any side. Try to be at least 2 feet from any object. Remove all sound and light. Darkness is extremely important. Now lay down and relax each muscle in your body individually starting with the toes and moving up and down the arms to the finger tips. Now close your eyes and begin to focus on your goal.

Developing a third vision:

Use the meditation technique. now once complete look into you eyelids. Focus on the nothingness and see a black dot in the center of your vision. It will be small at first but concentrate and it will appear. Once you have this dot try to make it bigger and form it outlines of objects start very simple like squares or triangles. Then progress to more complex objects such as chairs, trees, etc. Once you have practiced this and can easily accomplish try and move the objects around, rotating them. Once you have accomplished all of this you are ready to move into color. This can be a hard thing to achieve but what I found useful is what I call the color window. Watch in your vision for a small speck of shifting color amongst to darkness. This is the window. Focus on it and concentrate on bringing it forward. With practice this now replaces your black dot. With practice you will be able to build it into anything you wish to see. Remember this takes time do not get impatient it took me years to develop mine to where it is now.