Belleville UFO Returns

 Belleville Illinois is no stranger to the strange.  Since it was founded it has been the location of a haunted house, a haunted theater, the location of several alien abduction claims, and the main location of a UFO sighting that spanned four counties.  Now one man is claiming to have seen evidence suggesting the craft that buzzed Belleville and the surrounding counties has now returned.

It all started in 2001 when a series of UFO sightings began in the area around Scott Airforce Base.  The location has long been rumored to be the primary focus of the “visitations” with some even suggesting the craft originated from the base itself.  There’s no way of knowing what the origin of the craft was, but it can be confirmed that several witnesses who were skeptical of the UFO phenomenon tracked a strange object and reported their findings as they went along.  The recorded calls to 911, and the subsequent recorded conversations between police and the dispatcher who followed the incident as it unfolded are some of the most chilling pieces of evidence ever recorded.  The incident was followed by the occasional sighting of a strange object here or there.  There were even a few sightings of the strange object which has been described as a triangle, delta, or V shaped craft with lights running along the edges of it.

The witness was at his apartment on the 21st of May when he caught sight of what he thought at first may have been an oddly shaped blimp floating through the sky above his apartment.  Since the witness took his dog out at 9:45 every night, he was able to keep track of the time when he saw the strange object.  The first sighting did not strike him as particularly significant, but he did think it odd as it did not make any sound as it blocked out stars and hovered above his house.  The next night, however, he thought it strange that the object would be so low to the ground and mobile, yet not make a single sound.  As he watched standing on the deck outside of his house, he watched wondering what the object could be.

After the incident, the witness noticed a strange van parked outside his house with no markings on it.  The people in the van, who were simply sitting in the unmarked vehicle as though on some sort of stakeout, told him they were with “the internet company” and were fixing a problem in the area.  Since the witness had recently suffered from a bit of trouble with his cable television and his internet, he considered they may be telling the truth.  But as the day progressed and the van continued to sit there with the occupants doing nothing but watching the sky, he considered the possibility that they could be there on some other business.  And something about them struck the witness as odd.

There was one other thing that the witness described: a sort of odd “feeling” like a wave of energy was coming off the craft.  He says he may have noticed the craft initially because of a strange sensation that was difficult to describe.  This type of feeling has been associated with the Delta shaped aircraft in the past.  Since the Delta shaped craft are sometimes associated with electronic disruption, some have speculated that the sensation could be the result of some unknown electronic or electromagnetic field emission.