Bizarre Mini-UFO Home Invasion on the Rise

Earlier this year we brought you a report by one witness who suggested they had seen a strange unidentified hovering object inside their bedroom.  The object appeared complete with portholes allowing the witness to see strange humanoid beings inside.  At the time the story was fairly unique, and suggested a new and novel type of UFO.  But now as more witnesses are coming forward, it seems the UFO narrative has taken a strange turn.  Diminutive UFOs are reportedly invading homes..

Witnesses have been reporting seeing small unidentified flying objects, often exhibiting many of the behaviors and sharing the appearance of traditional “flying saucers” in their bedrooms.  The narrative seems the same in each case.  A witness awakes in the middle of the night or is about to go to sleep when they notice something strange in the room.  As they rise up to look around they observe a small craft in the corner of the room or a light in the shape of a disc.  No matter how the witness reacts to the object, it traditionally leaves after only a few moments.  It’s always strange to see a new trend in UFO reports, but this one seems to be gaining ground quickly with already two being reported to the Mutual UFO Network in the past week.

While there certainly isn’t a flood of these reports, there are certainly enough to suggest there’s more than a coincidence.  Just last night a witness from Olympia Washington reported seeing a strange glowing orb hovering in their doorway as a couple awoke.  The orb didn’t seem to be doing anything, and just hovered there as if glued to a single space.  Rather than feeling fear over the strange object, the couple simply sat there watching it before it finally disappeared.

So what could these mysterious objects hovering into our rooms be?  And why have these reports only really started arising in the past year?  It’s possible they could each be a prank, but in each case the witnesses often report observing them for an extended period of time.  This has been more than five minutes in two of the three cases.

The idea of tiny flying saucers invading our bedrooms at night seems dangerously close to the premise of an ill thought out science fiction comedy or an episode of the twilight zone.  The idea of tiny creatures working the controls in a starship that no doubt traveled billions of miles is nothing short of incredible even in a field where the incredible seems to be the norm.  But with the patterns forming, there do seem to be some possible conclusions we could draw and not all of them involve aliens.  Is it possible, we could be looking at a new form of UAV being field tested on the homes of civilians?  Such an object, while harmless, could be mistaken for an alien spacecraft -particularly if it were designed in a disc shape.  Currently there are remote controlled hovering vehicles that seem capable of maneuvering into peoples’ houses.  If such a device were of interest to the military, it’s possible it could be years ahead of what can be seen in the civilian market.  Of course this doesn’t explain the small beings reported in the windows.