Black Eagle Update~ Alien Attack Foiled by Hatchets

This is Black Eagle again keeping my promise to inform the people. Today Thursday February 17, 2005 I am here again to say that the invasion was halted early this morning at 10:25 am Eastern Time. It appears that our allies the “Hatchets” blocked an invisble shield which probably caused electrical disturbances in our everyday electronics. The Greys had nothing else to do but to retreat. The Grey bases here on Earth for some reason were not functioning correctly. Something tells me that the shield was halting the Grey’s invasion so well… At least we live to see another day right?

Off the topic and on to other interesting news such as conspiracies. Now the conspiracy about Grey’s living in the White House is in fact, a lie. Another conspiracy you’ve people heard about could be the most famous, such as the Kennedy assassination, well he was in fact shot and killed that day but not by Lee Harvey Oswald he was in fact just a scapegoat, the real people who killed him were in fact people working with the former USSR but if that information were released back then it possibly could’ve caused World War III. Another conspiracy is what actually happened at Roswell, a lot of people say it was actually a flying saucer, others say its a weather balloon, well I’m saying today that it was in fact an alien space probe sent by one of the aliens could be the Greys could be the Hatchets, that we’ll never find out. Well thats all the conspiracies I have today.Thats it for today, I’ll be sure to inform you about more interesting and true facts.