Black Triangle Sighting 1972

Just a note to let you know of a sighting of 3 black triangle craft over Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, UK in 1972. I was 14 at the time and have always carried with me those memories of seeing the craft on two consecutive nights in the summer of 72. A friend and I were hanging out on the roof of my house in Colburn near Catterick Garrison in N Yorkshire, UK on a particularily warm and clear summers evening when we saw three separate black triangles in the sky performing what seemed to be impossible maneuvers – right angle turns and incredible speeds. Needless to say at that age (and in those times) it was an amazing experience which I will never forget. The second night we deliberately stayed out hoping to see them again with another third friend. We waited and waited but the sunset came and went and a starry night followed, almost ready to give up and go to bed ( around 1am I would guess) we all three saw a set of lights in traingle formations which we presumed to be the same triangle craft at night with lights on the tip of each of it’s three corners. Again they behaved ‘impossibly’ and much excitement was generated. Needless to say no one believed us when we tried to tell them what we had seen. I later discovered through other friends that the bases at Catterick Camp (Army) , Catterick Village (RAF) and nearby Topcliffe (RAF) were all put on high alert that same week.

Just thought I would share my experince, having mainly kept it to myself over the intervening 34 years…

Cheers, Tim