Boeing 747 forced down by UFO

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My second UFO sighting was in the summer
1988 just after noon around 1 or 2 pm. I was on my way home and walked the path
that leads directly to the spot where I had my
first UFO sighting 7 years earlier. I looked straight ahead and
saw a big airplane coming directly towards me from a westerly direction
slightly to my right side at very low altitude, maybe 2000 feet. It had 4 jet
engines and I could discern a hump above the cockpit and presumed it was a Boeing 747 passenger jet going
very low for some reason? I followed the plane and then it passed over me, I
looked straight up into the bottom of the plane. Then the 747´s horizontal
stabilizer, the rear, disappeared out of my straight up vertical sight, I
looked up in the blue sky above the plane and discovered three UFOs high above
the plane.

From my point
of view, they were actually hovering very close to where the plane would have
been passing if it had the same altitude as these objects. I remember I looked
one more time after the plane, which continued it´s low flying path and then I
looked up again. After a short moment I realize, that it was three white luminous objects that
flew in a quite unique way, a strict triangle formation
where they were moving in between each other in a cyclic pattern I to date have
not seen any terrestrial objects do. Then I finally got aware of this very
strange pattern in the sky, which was quite mathematical, I realized I was
witness to a real UFO sighting. A
few days later I realized, that the reason why the plane flew so low, probably was because of the UFOs, as they were very close to the aircraft’s trajectory and therefore there was danger of collision.

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