Brazil Releases Government UFO Files

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The Brazilian Government has opened it’s previously classified UFO files the
public. For many years, Brazilian UFOlogists have been trying to get a peek at
these UFO files and finally their struggle has succeeded. UFOlogists are excited
about the significance of this step towards worldly UFO disclosure and thrilled
that they can now study secret Brazilian UFO cases.

In the past, the Brazilian Government has released various documents
pertaining to UFO’s but only certain levels of classification were allowed to go
public. Now Brazil officials are releasing highly classified documents which may
hold the answers all UFOlogists are waiting for. Some of the highlighted cases
that will be released are the famous “Brazils Own Roswell Case”, the
Varghina Affair, and the “Official Night of the UFOs’.

Back in 1986, twenty UFOs were chased by Brazilian military planes. The then
minister of Aviation, Brigadier General Otavio Moreira Lima confirmed the event
and later went on record stating that he believed humanity would soon make
contact with extraterrestrials.

Otavio Moreira Lima declared that Brazil has the right to disclose UFO
information without America’s permission if the need to do so arose. He thinks
many are ready for the truth, but at the same time, many are not ready for this
kind of information.

Rafael Cury, one of the heads of the CBU recently noted that ‘This
represents a coming of age for Brazilian ufology’.

Worldly Disclosure

Brazil’s UFO disclosure takes the world one step closer to full worldly
disclosure. We here at Unexplainable.Net think the people of the world are ready
for this news and look forward for future revelations that may transpire from
Brazil’s decisions.