British Airways Are No Strangers To UFO’s

It flashed past silently in a few seconds. Illuminated by white light, slike achristmas tree. It came dangerously close to the British Airways Boeing 737 as it was in landing position over Manchester airport. The bewildered pilots knew they had seen something, but what?!

Even today, after one yaer of investigation, the officials are scrathing their heads as they have not been able to come up with any reliable explanation.

But on the British UFO Research Asociation (BUFORA), they had an answer to the mystery. Members of the UFO-association are shure that it was The Silent Vulcan – a triangular shaped craft that has been seen over the northern parts of England the last 20 years.

Captain Roger Wills and Firtst Officer Mark Stewart were almost ready to land the British Airways flight 5061 from Milan, when the craft hurtled towards them on January 6th 1995. They filed a formal air miss report after landing. In February 1996 the Joint Miss Working Group wrote in it’s final investigation-report: ”To speculate about extra-terristrial activity is not within the groups remit”.

At BUFORA they rocketed. The rapport confirmed what they have been saying all along – there is difinitly something out there!

”The rapport is remarkably open-minded”, said the head of BUFORA, Philip Mantle. “It is a milestone in official recognition of the phenomena of UFOs.”

”We have always contended that there is something out there which is beyond accepted science and now this is being reflected in the corridors of officialdoom.” Mantell says that The Silent Vulcan (named because it’s shaped like the old British Vulcan Bomber) has been seen all along the ‘Pennine Corridor’, from the Midlands, through Derbyshire and into Yorkshire.

There was a wave of sightings in the 70’s. Then again in the 80’s. Among the rapported sightings was one from a Sheffield police Officer.

The Silent Vulcan widened its horizons in 1989-1990, with a wave of rapports in Belgium (see picture), where two F-16-fighter-jets locked their target on the UFO, but was outrunned. The UFO performed manouvers that would have made the pilots into pulp.

”This latest report is the first officially recognised sighting of the Silent Vulcan along the Pennines”, Mr Mantle said. ”British Airways are to be complimented for treating this seriously”.

But it seems like not all at the airline appreciate the situation. Captain Wills and First Officer Stuart are said to be constanly ribbed by collegaues.

Info credited to WUFOC, the free UFO-alternative on the Internet, http://www.wufoc.com