California UFO Invasion

Image for Editorial PurposesA number of UFO sighting reports have spilled from the city of Los Angeles to both the Mutual UFO Network and NUFORC suggesting something unusual has been happening over the city in the past few days.  Reported incidents include one resident near Edwards Airforce Base who suggests jets were scrambled after he submitted a report of seeing a mysterious craft in his area.  What’s going on in California?  And is the military taking this as seriously as some witnesses are suggesting?

When considering the military interest, it may be worth noting that a cluster of objects hovering just North of Los Angeles International Airport earlier today.  The object, reported by one witness to the Mutual UFO Network, appeared similar to a cluster of party balloons to the witness at first but soon was proving itself to be quite anomalous.  The object seemed not only to be tumbling up and down, but against the wind and at incredible speeds far beyond what the witness on the ground considered possible for a balloon.  After floating on for a while in this manner the object suddenly vanished into thin air on a cloudless afternoon.  While not the most compelling of the recent sightings, this was one of the most recent of the LA close encounters.

A sighting has also come out just east of the first and was reported later November second in the greater LA area near Pomona.  As the witness watched the skies that night a strange glowing orange object suddenly appeared out of the sky and broke off into three different pieces.  Two of the pieces after hovering for a moment seemed to shoot toward the ground while the third suddenly changed its course and shot into the opposite direction at a 45 degree angle from where the witness watched.  As it was about 6:45 at night it was still partially daylight out, but the witness was unable to reach the area where the two fragments fell and discover anything interesting.  The witness reports that the object was roughly diamond shaped and glowing incredibly brightly.

Next comes a report from just North of San Diego where a witness was outside listening to music when he noted a mysterious glowing object hovering through the sky.  As he took out his headphones from his ears he quickly became worried as the brilliantly glowing object moved toward his position and passed directly overhead.  As it was directly above him he suddenly realized that this large brilliantly glowing object was emitting no noise whatsoever.  As he watched, the object suddenly shot over him and passed into the distance.  The witness had recently been to an air show and was taken aback by the sheer silence of this quickly moving object as it moved into the distance.  He even went so far as to suggest that the object was moving at such an incredible speed that it would have easily broken the sound barrier, yet didn’t even have the roar associated with quickly moving craft.  This isn’t unusual for UFO sightings of quickly moving craft.

What’s going on over California?  These are of course only a few of the actual sightings taking place in California in the past few days