California Witness Reports “Spotlight” UFO

A witness from Crescent City, California reported on an incident that took place in 2010 that not only left him reconsidering the UFO debate, but also his own position in the Universe.  What started as a simple outing to a field just on the outskirts of town ended with the witnesses talking excitedly about what they had seen.  And those examining the case have suggested it definitely fits into the category of unidentified, and unexplained flying objects.

The assembled group had made a midnight outing to a nearby field to look at the stars when the reporting witness walked off on his own.  As he stared up into the stars he suddenly spotted a shocking light beaming down at the ground projecting from a point of light some 500 feet up.  As they continued watching, the witness started backing away and looking to his friends who also seemed to notice the event.  Thinking it might be a helicopter flying at a high altitude and equipped with an incredibly powerful spotlight, the witnesses were all surprised when suddenly the object then took off and shot into the sky with tremendous speed.

Helicopters traditionally operate at an altitude between 200 and 10,000 feet.  With the object the witness reported seeing, by the time it had finished its ascent it was just a tiny dot in the sky despite having a bright spotlight shining on the ground.  Additionally, the object was moving far faster while ascending than any known vertical take-off vehicle.  So the witnesses were left standing with nothing less than an unidentified flying object.

And so when the witness finally sprinted back to the group and asked what they had seen, the witnesses could not come to any reasonable conclusion.  As the incident continued, the witnesses realized they had seen something very special.  And as they were left standing in the field, they didn’t experience any missing time or see any other creatures on the ground that revealed conclusively that the object had been extraterrestrial.  But as is so often the case with these types of UFO incidents, they were confident that whatever it was could not have been of any known traditional origin.

Looking back through the archives at the time, the surrounding area didn’t report any similar incidents making this particular sighting something very unique indeed.  But what would this object have been doing out in the middle of a field away from any people? Was it a military test vehicle attempting to maneuver through the terrain undetected?  Or was it something else entirely?  Could these witnesses have actually seen an unidentified flying object from another world?

Witnesses who see spacecraft all too often attribute their sightings to their own imaginations.  And the witness writing the report said he was tempted to feel the same way about his incident.  But when he came to speak with his companions his mystifying experience was confirmed.  But none of them knew what precisely had been seen.