Can Anyone Defend Against Alien Abduction?

Rather than a read through manual, this article is intended to raise questions about alien abduction and work out some questions regarding self defense.  It is surprisingly common in alien abduction accounts that something will “go wrong” during the experience, and some mistake will be made on the part of the abducting parties.  So if these alleged alien abductors are not perfect in the way they conduct business, is there a way to exploit this weakness?

It seems mental control is an aspect of the alien abduction phenomenon that commonly manifests.  While the exact means of transmission for this information is largely unknown, several researchers have looked into the matter and suggest the means is some form of telepathy inducing hypnosis.  But as researchers have studied hypnotic suggestion, several of the cases seem to suggest the use of a form of hypnosis far more powerful than even the most advanced stages discovered on Earth.  This hypnosis is said to have properties capable of not only wiping memories almost entirely away, but cause subjects who would normally be hostile and fearful to become complicit and cooperative or else entirely catatonic.

But this telepathy, according to a wealth of abduction reports, seems to work both ways.  Not only are subjects capable of hearing thoughts directed toward them in the form of telepathy, but they are also able to perceive communications happening between entities as well.  If this were the case, and the means of rendering a subject immobile were telepathic in nature, would it not be possible to use the same energy to render the subject’s captors immobile?  In addition, abductees will commonly report that they can glean information communicated between their captors without their captors accidentally.  If this is the case, is it possible the abductees could then extract important information after undergoing a form of hypnosis that would effectively make them “sleeper” abductees very similar to the post hypnotic Manchurian Candidate scenario outlined in the film of the same name?

When it comes to the phenomenon of alien abduction, any attempt to glean new information immediately sounds highly unusual because of the nature of it and the associations that come alongside it.  And yet if we are exploring the phenomenon, is it not our duty to then attempt to make as much sense of it as possible?  If there were a means for unwilling participants in experimental abductions to defend themselves, then perhaps a form of mental self defense is worth looking into.  Unfortunately, much of the research done on the subject has been forwarded by UFO insiders.  Surveys have been analyzed that suggest somewhere around two million Americans have reported being abducted by aliens.  Other surveys suggest the number may be much higher than this.

Is post-hypnotic suggestion and psychic self defense a means of defending against alien influence?  And if the entire phenomenon were nothing more than an artifact of the mind, then wouldn’t the belief that subjects had an effective defense have an effect on these hallucinations?