Cargo Cult

The term Cargo cult refers to an anthropological study in Papua New Guinea where tribes from the forest saw cargo full of food and goods landing at occidental airports. They believe that Cargo are not made by humans but come from the gods or spiritual beings (who reside on the heaven). Thus they carry out ritual in order to make the god coming to here with all the food and goods. Investigations show that they imitate the occidental behavior and construction around the airports. For example, studies have found radar shape made from coconut. The people doing the cargo cult think that white men (who control the airports and work there) are doing the same kind of thing and thus got the food and goods from the gods. Many similar cases have been found all over the world. Does it apply to our own civilization? What about UFOs?

UFOs are seen everyday by people all over the world since the beginning of humanity if we believe the testimonies we have and the drawings made long time ago on the caves and on the buildings . In the past, UFOs were seen as angels or demons. Cults were created in order to avoid their anger or was done in order to get their help. It is like the cargo cults. Nowadays, UFOs are discredited by the scientific community while it is studied by some independent organizations. UFOs are seen as natural phenomenon by scientists while it is seen as alien vehicles or military experiments for some other. The scientific study of the UFO as natural phenomenon can be put in correlation with the cargo cults where the UFOs are the cargo and the people practicing the cult are the scientific community trying to understand the facts without believe in their real existence.

Aliens seem to really exist and seem to really use their vehicle in order to study or exploit the Earth. It could still be argued that it is a military power which are experimenting new weapons and vehicles instead of the alien theory. In fact, it is quite the same in the two cases: a superpower hidden from the population which are behind UFOs. The scientists believe that these UFOs are only natural phenomenons or collective hallucinations. They are practicing a cult of ignorance. They even forbidden anybody to think in a different way at the risk to be ridiculed. The cargo cult should be avoided. Scientists should see truth in front of them instead of trying to avoid it. the scientist community should be studiyng the UFOs instead of independent organizations.