Chasing UFOs ”“ TV Show Overview

The fascination with unidentified flying objects has been around for a long time, and over the years ”“ television producers have taken heed to the public’s interest on the topic. One of the latest TV shows to hit the scene is ‘Chasing UFOs,’ which airs on National Geographic Channel and focuses on the investigation and exploration of cases regarding UFOs.

‘Chasing UFOs’ involves the adventures of a team of trained investigators who are on the hunt to uncover the ins and outs of UFOs. They touch upon an array of extraterrestrial activity, but instead of just presenting the story ”“ they want to deliver answers. In a search for new evidence, the team travels to some of the most mystery-filled sights on the planet that has been associated with UFO sightings. Collecting data and exploring their surroundings, the team wants to shed light on the popular topic of unidentified flying objects and alien activity.

Meet The Chasers

The team behind the investigations featured on ‘Chasing UFOs’ is comprised of scientists and researchers that focus on UFOs. The trio is comprised of one who believes in UFOs, one who is a skeptic, and one who is undecided on the topic. This combination of researchers provides a wide range of opinions and approaches to uncovering the truth.

Ben McGee
is a physical scientist (geoscientist) who is trained in researching objects related to space. He plays an important role in the development of xenoarchaeology, which is described as a speculative form of archaeology that explores the possibility of alien life and culture. McGee is a true skeptic, who provides the scientific angle to the show. McGee will gather evidence at sites with documented unexplained occurrences. His job is to use his science know-how to determine the ‘who, what, when and where’ of a situation. McGee has a lot of experience in field research, which touches upon nuclear rocketry, planetary geology, hydrology and glaciology.

Erin Ryder
is obsessed with finding the truth behind the odd and mysterious. She has a great deal of experience exploring the great outdoors ”“ from rafting the largest waterfall in the world to rappelling down the Great Wall of China. As a true adventurer, she combines her athleticism and enthusiasm to take on daring tasks in order to tackle a variety of physical pursuits. Ryder is in the middle of believing and doubting the existence of UFOs. This point of view has given her the name of being a ‘skeliever.’ She’s the type of person that wants to find the proof that UFOs exist, but she needs hard evidence to come full circle with her beliefs.

James Fox
is an UFOlogist, who has traveled all over the world in search of the truth behind UFOs. His interest and belief has led him to direct and produce a variety of films centered on the subject. He makes it a point to speak to eyewitnesses, members of the military, civilian pilots and government scientists in order to come to conclusions regarding the UFOs.

Examples of Chasing UFOs Episodes  

Some of the episodes of ‘Chasing UFOs’ that have already aired include:

·    “Texas is for Sightings” ”“ Investigation regarding reports of mysterious lights
·    “Dirty Secrets” ”“ Exploration of witness accounts of unusual objects seen in the night skies ”“ some believe that it is the government using alien aircraft to spy on the locals.
·    “UFO Landing Zone?” ”“ The team are drawn to a home video associated with reports of unidentified flying objects.