Chile’s New UFO Reporting Center

With all the news of UFO reporting centers changing, it is with great interest that we learn that one group in Chile has been reactivated.  Chile’s Direccion de Civil Aeronautica or DGAC has made the controversial decision to start accepting reports once again through the CEFAA (translated to the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena) mere days ago.  This move happens just after several administrative aviation organizations announced they will no longer be accepting reports of unidentified flying objects.

The announcement came along with a budget increase of $100,000 and new offices.  The reporting center will no doubt be fielding hundreds of reports as South America is locked in an intense UFO wave in recent months.  And if you have a report you would like to file with it, you can start as soon as the sixth of January when their offices will finally open and begin fielding reports and questions.

Of course the phenomenon is often discounted as not of concern to national security partially due to the fact that the objects are commonly thought to have never resulted in a plane crash.  This is not true, however, as rarely crashes and disappearances have occurred shortly after pilots spotted a UFO either in their radar or visually.  Obviously this doesn’t necessarily mean UFOs are largely controlled by hostile entities, but it does mean they do pose some level of interest to security officials.  After-all, it seems many jump to the conclusion that whatever pilots UFOs has uniformed intentions and abilities.  That is if there even are occupants within the mysterious shapes dancing across the sky.

The DGAC’s secretary, Pablo Ortega, made a statement saying the technology and international cooperation studying unidentified aerial phenomena is finally at a point where the phenomena can be studied and potential aviation safety concerns can be addressed in this field.

Recently an announcement much to the contrary de-federalized (in a sense) the reporting of UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) and turned the responsibility over to a third party investor who claims he is looking to learn from the mysterious technology.  This announcement came on the heels of some of the most dramatic UFO sightings ever spotted in Argentina over the small town of Salta where an entire countryside was plunged into darkness after an apparent EMP was released from a mysterious unidentified craft.

So what will this new organization uncover of the mysterious lights seen over Chile’s most densely traveled airports?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, we are left with a sense of interested curiosity at the major power shift that has occurred in the UFO reporting field as of late.  Private organizations are filling in where public reporting was once and public administrations are stepping in to cover private aviation reports.  Why the sudden shift in 2009?  And what is to be discovered by the new administrations that was left out by the old ones?  As new alliances are created in the field of UFOlogy we discover newer and more concrete methods to report collecting.  Years ago a program where participants can watch UFO reports as they appear in real time across the world would have been inconceivable, but is now a reality.