China Experiences New Flood of UFO Sightings

In the past year China has seen several extremely high profile UFO cases that have sparked media attention and mass interest in the paranormal community.  These sightings ranged from simple personal sightings to the filming of several UFOs by a group of scientists at the Purple Mountain Observatory to students filming strange craft and getting it on major Chinese networks.  But for some reason in late September all the way to early October, these sightings went dormant.  Now it seems as though a resurgence of UFO activity has struck.

Perhaps the most notable UFO sighting to come out of China was the eclipse footage filmed by students on July 25th of this year.  The incident was witnessed by 22 students from a rooftop in Deqing China.  This sighting was videotaped and soon followed by several hundred more, resulting in perhaps the most prolific string of sightings in recent history.  Then just as mysteriously as it began it stopped.

During this time China held its peculiarly timed “UFO and Alien Expo” shortly after the sightings died down.  The expose was funded by the Chinese government and displayed several models, videos, and computer simulations all depicting aliens of varying appearance, but with a dramatic focus on the “Grey” type alien typically described by experiencers of close encounters of the third and fourth kind.  No explanation has been put forward as to why the expose was held in Shanghai earlier this month, but it has raised quite a few eyebrows in the paranormal community.  Some say it was motivated by a need to acclimate the public to being around extraterrestrial type entities.  Others are not so sure.

One of the more recent UFO sightings was reported shortly after two golfers in Quinhuangdao snapped a photo while during a game on a rainy afternoon on October 6th, only to have a UFO appear in the picture behind one of the golfers.  Of course this isn’t the most dramatic sighting in the world, but it is indicative that even recently UFOs have found their way into the news in China.

The new rash of sightings, however, is gaining a lot of media attention both in China and overseas.  And China’s scheduling of the “Astronomy and UFO Expo” on October 30th is definitely gaining it some attention.  Why the sudden interest in telling the people of China so much about something the government has claimed doesn’t exist?  Why the sudden breach of silence after so many years of tight lipped denial?  Also noteworthy, the Astronomy and UFO Expo is the invitation of Wang Sichao, a leading researcher on the UFO phenomena in China and one of the observers of the well documented UFO sighting earlier this month.  Mr. Sichao is expected to cause quite a stir with his research and findings this year.  Some would say it will be one step closer to disclosure, while others say some level of final disclosure is definitely a possibility before the end of the year.  We will certainly be telling you what happens during this expose if any major developments turn up.