China UFOs Make Another Appearance

As China’s UFO incidents gain in intensity and proximity to one another, yet another UFO appears over China to set off a weird month in an even stranger direction.  The object is said to have caused quite a bit of confusion over Chingqing in what has been something several are finally starting to get used to hearing about in the news.  China’s UFO wave continues.

July 15th began as many days do in China.  Children were on their way to school, shopkeepers were opening shop to display their wares, and something strange hovered in the sky.  Witnesses would later recount that four objects hung suspended in the sky creating a mysterious diamond shape for over an hour over the city’s Shaping Park.

Such high profile UFO events have not been reported as heavily in China as they have in the United States and Britain in recent years, but the past month has seen not one or two, but several high profile UFO events making worthy headlines as life on the ground and in the air is affected by the mysterious objects appearing.  Hangzhou airport saw flights being diverted away temporarily to avoid a mid-air collision with a mysterious object that also hovered above the airport.  Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province in Eastern China.  A military source told the newspaper China Daily that the object had been identified as a military related aircraft but would not disclose information about the nature of the object until the time was right.  After scouring for the official disclosure which was supposed to happen by Friday there was none to be found, suggesting the matter may either still be developing or this explanation was a cover for some reason.  Some estimated 2,000 passengers and almost 20 flights were affected by the incident.

Where are these UFOs coming from?  Are they some clandestine military operation of either international or local design?  Or is it something else?  The unidentified flying objects spotted in the area could have been of extraterrestrial design.  But why are there so many appearing?  And why now?

In May of 2010 a rumor began circulating without traceable source that the Chinese government had recently begun planning to build a UFO embassy in the Kunlun Mountain range where alien bases are still rumored to reside.  Actually alien bases in the Kunlun Mountain range is a subject that stories have been told of for several years.  Could this be a potential reason for the sudden interest the UFOs have taken in China?

There is another possibility.  As tensions between the east and west rise, two technologically advanced nations may find it necessary to display the fruits of their mysterious and technologically advanced craft by displaying how far inland they can get without being detected, make a show of appearing and then disappear once again just as mysteriously.  Such an incident over China could be a deliberate and provocative, but peaceful means of some other nation demonstrating its technological ability.