“Chinese Area 51” Discovered

Area 51 is a place normally associated with coverups, extraterrestrial craft, and mysterious lights in the sky.  But while we may never know what goes on in the Groom lake facility, it appears China is building its own mystery site that may prove just as mysterious as Area 51.  The location is so secret it is in the middle of the Gobi desert with the nearest road 50 miles away.  The only way to get to the mystery site it appears is to reach it by air.  So are the contents of this Chinese Area 51 comparable to the rumors in the US?

The structures, which were originally compared to the Nazca lines by Google Earth when they were first discovered, are essentially a group of mysterious lines in the middle of the desert that could be anything from a simulation of a city neighborhood to a series of small and oddly placed runways.  Nearby the structures satellite images reveal shipping containers, scattered debris possibly from crashed vehicles, and what could be only described as “crop circle” formations.  And not unlike the crop circles we’ve seen in the past, these mysterious shapes raise a lot of questions.  And if the crop circles didn’t stir up questions, the aircraft spotted parked within them certainly will.  Why are jets parked in the middle of what would ordinarily by an unmarked patch of desert?

Some have proposed that the formations could be a part of a testing program for top secret aircraft.  The nearest known air base to these strange shapes is located some 400 miles away.  And whatever possible location there can be for these mysterious shapes, it will certainly be asked – but not many are predicting answers will be quite forthcoming.  Instead we are left with a mountain of speculation that will have to fill in the blanks on this mystery.

It does seem the circular shape shares a striking resemblance to the concentric circles of a crop formation, but it is also fairly simple.  And there are other fields with circles in them with shapes such as these.  For example, some solar power plants use a “power tower” method whereby mirrored solar collectors surround a central tower to reflect light up and collect it into a thermal tube which then converts the heat in a way very similar to a conventional solar power plant.  The method is far more efficient than an ordinary power plant and could create a completely off the grid city harvesting solar energy in the middle of the desert.  But why create it in such a remote location?  It does seem possible that the other formations could be streets for neighborhoods.  In fact, this could be a small town designed to survive in a harsh environment in near complete isolation.  But of course even that begs the question why.

It’s certainly an interesting find.  Whether it’s intended as a city in the middle of the desert or something a bit more mysterious we will have to wait to find out.  In the mean time, the pictures are already causing quite a buzz.