Chinese Village Disappears Under UFO

A report coming out of China on October 13th amid various UFO sightings has many people in the west asking questions about what exactly happened to one village in the Qinling mountain range.  A report breaking through in rumors about the internet suggests the entire village disappeared after a mysterious light began beaming into the village from an unidentified object.  As troops mobilized and descended on the small village, including (according to reports) a mobile missile launch platform, this rumor is certainly raising several questions.  And as we look deeper into the mystery it only gets stranger from there.

China’s media is heavily controlled, and as a result most stories are heavily censored or rejected entirely unless they move through official channels.  So this video alongside a rumor working in conjunction with the global UFO sightings occurring on October 13th have turned an already groundbreaking event into something even more bizarre.  But is it anything more than a rumor?  After scouring all information available on the region for almost fifteen hours, a disturbing series of possibilities have emerged.

The rumor is accompanied by such disturbing reports as, one youtube viewer who asked a friend of his who spoke Mandarin what the people in the video were saying.  The viewer then claimed his friend walked away from the computer distraught and left work early that day.  Is this a form of internet hysteria gone mad?  Or is there something more to this story coming out of a secretive mountain range in China?

Tracing the origin of the story, it seems to have come from Yahoo News China translated from a story originally published by the Chinese news site Xinhua News.  But searching the English translation of the site today there is no sign of such a story.  The original story was translated poorly, so it’s difficult to tell what it’s really saying in large portions.  As a result, it’s entirely possible a great deal of the fears raised from this report are founded on only part of the facts.

It’s difficult to use the word “fact” in any of this, however, as reports are so often conflicting.  It’s rumored that the village in question was near a nuclear facility – which could in itself suggest something major could be happening even if it is unrelated to the reported UFO interference.  And the blue light depicted in the film seems to be flickering as though it were an incredibly hot blue flame.  Still others are suggesting this video may have been from a previous event.

A radio report on October 14th and picked up by Phantoms and Monsters seemed to confirm the initial suspicions as it posted the transcript of a radio program that a village had either been evacuated or vanished after a massive blue object appeared amid thick black smoke.  Major highways were shut down around the area and troops have reportedly blocked every entrance to the village.

More on this story as it develops.  And of course as so much of it is rumor, as usual we will keep a firm perspective on which details can be confirmed and which cannot.