Close Encounters of the First Kind: The 1980s

In regards to history, the 80s brought a wave of changes in music, fashion, and hairstyles, as well as an assortment of strange events that reportedly took place during the decade. In this article, we will briefly mention some of the Close Encounters of the First Kind that have taken place from during the 80s, such as the Hudson Valley UFO sightings.


Between 1981 and 1986, the Hudson Valley served as the location of a wide-range of UFO sightings, where thousands of reports were made that the same kind of UFO was seen by a variety of witnesses. It is believed that the first sighting can be attributed to a retired policeman from Kent, New York, who spotted an unidentified flying object in the sky as New Year’s Eve took place in 1981. There is also a tale that involves the “Incident at Indian Point,” which took place at a nuclear power plant in 1984.


In January of 1985, the Tbilisi Sighting involves an assortment of Soviet commercial airliner crew and passengers that caught sight of a strange light that appeared during a flight. While traveling from Tbilisi in Georgia to Tallinn in Estonia, it is suspected that the odd light came from a UFO.


On November 16th, 1986, the Japan Airines Flight 1628 brought about a handful of UFO sighting reports, as witnesses believe they encountered a group of UFOs that took to the air in tune with the airline. The occurrence was said to take place for 50 minutes, as the aircraft traveled about the northeastern part of Alaska. One of the objects that were mentioned in the UFO report was also detected by military radar and noted that it was trailing behind a Boeing 747.


In 1987, Alaska once again became the target of UFO sighting headlines, as the U.S. Air Force

was on its way from the Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage to the Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks. The documentation pertaining to this particular UFO incident bore a striking similarity to the incident that took place with the Japan Airlines Flight 1628 event. It is believed that the alleged UFO was traveling within 40 feet of the aircraft.


During the 80s, Alaska was a popular location for UFO activity, when the Alaska Airlines Flight 53 submitted a report that a bright, disc-like object followed their airplane. At first, the UFO followed the plane, but then took the lead and pulled ahead. As soon as it made itself visible, it vanished without a trace at an accelerated rate of speed.