Close Encounters of the First Kind: The 21st Century

At the start of the 21st century, a handful of unidentified flying objects and other strange occurrences were reports. Some of the Close Encounters of the First Kind during this time period affected locations about the world, such as Illinois and eastern Afghanistan. In this article, we will touch upon some of the UFO and other unexplainable-event related reports associated with the 2000s.


Hovering over Illinois, a handful of people, including a couple of police officers caught sight of a strange set of lights that occurred early in the morning. Some of the reports surfacing from the sighting stated that the shapes seemed to change from a triangle pattern.


Also in 2000, residents living in the northwestern part of Pakistan, as well as the eastern region of Afghanistan claim to have seen odd-looking lights decorate the sky. At the time, occupants of the land feared that the United States were targeting military training camps or that Pakistan was testing a new series of missiles, but these suspicions were thrown out when the lights began to head back into the sky. Another two weeks passed and the lights were spotted once again. No explanation was ever given as the United States and the Pakistani government denied using missiles at the time.


In 2002, China became the location of what some believe was a mysterious UFO that emitted an unexplainable light that was viewed by many different witnesses. The unidentified object was seen flying over destinations, such as Sichuan, Jiangsu, Henan, and Xiaxi. According to Chinese media reports, the unknown object appeared as a range of different shapes. Witnesses placed descriptions that the object in the sky resembled a “flaming arrow” and a spiral.


2005 was also a big year for unexplainable-related sightings. On April 27th, the White House was actually evacuated, as reports of a UFO was said to enter restricted air space. Before the item could be identified, it disappeared. Some dismiss the claim that it was a UFO, believing it to be a strangely formed cloud or a group of birds.


At Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York, a UFO was spotted above the water and was described as resembling aircraft carriers. Just as quickly as the object was spotted, it also vanished.   Woodside, Queens also served as a location where five “flying saucers” were seen in November. Over the Queens and Manhattan area, many people claimed to have seen the UFOs, which disappeared at a rate of one at a time.


A report from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was made, as a young boy describes an unidentified object that he believes was a UFO. As he furnished details regarding the event, he mentioned that the item was traveling at high speeds and looked like an oval of bright light that flew about the sky.