Close Encounters of the First Kind: The Early Years Part 2

During the early years of the world, there have been numerous accounts throughout time that have been considered close enough to call a UFO sighting. When it comes to Close Encounters of the First Kind, most of these experiences have occurred when the object in question is seen a maximum of 500 feet from the individual. In this article, we will touch upon some of the encounters that involve people such as Christopher Columbus, and occurred in places, such as Switzerland.


As researchers read the journal logs of Christopher Columbus, they found intriguing submissions that spoke of the appearance of an odd display of lights. During 1492, about five hours before his party discovered the New World, Columbus jotted down the events that took place during a patrol of the deck. Aboard the Santa Maria, the clock struck 10pm and Columbus swore he caught sight of something that “glimmered” in the far distance. He described the light as sudden and passing, but had time to call upon another to bear witness to the item in the sky.


A man by the name of Pedro Gutierrez, came by his side and also spotted the light. It vanished soon after, but kept reappearing throughout the night. Each time it made an appearance, the unexplainable light would dance up and down, and became described as a flickering candle. No one was able to come up with an explanation to what they saw.


In 1561, the people of Germany reported that a “swarm” of UFOs were spotted above the city of Nuremberg. Five years later, the town of Basal, which can be found in Switzerland, documented the appearance of black globes that took over the sky above the region.


Fast forward to the 1800s and a variety of sightings were documented, such as the tiny spot that crossed the sun over a handful of hours that seemed to occur both in 1800 and 1802 in Quedlinburg, which can be found in Germany. In 1839, in front of the sun, an identified object was said to pass by in Sidebotham.


Over the years, the sun played an important role in the sighting of UFOs. Ten years later, an unknown entity was reported to have passed in front of the sun at Lescarbault. Three years later, another similar report was made in Manchester.
  In 1868, investigators were called upon to check out what was described as “first official modern documented sighting” that the world was to know. Copiapo City, Chile was the sight of this spectacular occurrence.


Be on the lookout for the Parts 3 and 4 of this article set, which will touch upon the Close Encounters of the First Kind that have occurred during the 20th century, as well as the century we now live in. Some of the locations about the world to showcase their own tale include northern China; Great Falls, Montana; Australia; and North Dakota.