Cluster of UFOs Reported in Texas

With the unprecedented amount of news developing worldwide between impending revolution in Egypt, uncertainty between North and South Korea, and massive storms still raging throughout the world it’s easy to lose sight of a state even as big as Texas.  But as a cluster of UFO reports comes up tonight from Dallas today from the Mutual UFO Network it seems like strange goings on are still par for the course in the Lone Star State.

The Dallas Fort Worth area is one of the most common places to find UFO reports flooding in out of any major US city.  Texas sends more UFO reports to the Mutual UFO Network than any other state, with California coming in a close second.  But this latest string of sightings involved strange orbs of light and even a full triangular shaped craft being led by what seemed like witnesses on the ground to be military jet aircraft.  Is this evidence of military forces working with an extraterrestrial presence on Earth?  Or are the objects seen by witnesses nothing more than the latest gadget developed by the military?

The first sighting came in on the ninth of February when witnesses spotted a strange object just west of Brownwood Texas.  They said they were out looking at the sky when suddenly a string of mysterious lights appeared out of nowhere.  The lights then proceeded east where they were seen the following night in Goldwaithe, Dublin, De Leon, and Eastland all clustered in a small area just west of the Dallas Fort Worth area where so many other sightings have occurred.

Perhaps one of the most interesting sightings took place around 7:00 PM just as the witness was arriving home for the night.  They stepped out of their car and looked at the night sky noting the strange pattern of lights which soon turned out to be a large triangular black craft.  As the lights headed west the witness noticed that the craft was actually quite large and then noticed two military jets following close behind.  The massive triangular black craft is no stranger to the area leading some UFOlogists to speculate the mystery craft could actually be some sort of stealth blimp that is invisible to ground radar and most witnesses except on clear nights when the objects lights are on and blocking out the stars.  A similar craft has been spotted throughout South America and has even been blamed for several power outages.  Whether this is a secondary property of the craft’s unknown propulsion method or if it actually has been using some sort of EMP device designed to disable electronics and power infrastructure is unknown, as is the nature of the craft’s origin.  But one thing is for sure – it certainly appears to witnesses in the Dallas Fort Worth area on more occasions than one.  And that has some witnesses wondering if the device’s permanent home is somewhere in the area.

But if you were to have a top secret military craft, there might be better places to keep it than Dallas.  If the device were really of terrestrial origin, wouldn’t a better location be out in the desert in the middle of nowhere?  And why would a craft designed specifically for stealth have lights on it?