Compelling Clear Video of Alien Diplomats

After so many hoaxes this year it seems it will be difficult to release anything that could once again excite and interest readers and serve as some evidence of the power of the supernatural.  And yet somehow this latest piece of footage pulls out all the stops and even appears to be genuine according to some experts.  The footage, allegedly taken in 1961 shows several alien beings walking.  After being filmed, the beings look directly at the camera.  It’s unclear which of these is more eerie – the footage itself, or the story behind it.

The accompanying narration to the video coming from an anonymous source says it all started in 1942 when first contact was made.  After this, several visits made to discuss matters of concern to the visiting creatures that may also be of concern to those on Earth were planned.  In fact, this is largely in keeping with many of the other narrations regarding human extraterrestrial communications in this era.  It seems the operations were purely of a military or executive nature and were not in fact to involve the public in any way.  From evidence that would soon follow, this ppears to have been the wish of the visiting aliens as much as the government on Earth.  Only after sowing seeds of conspiracy would this video make its way into public hands a little over 60 years later.

But the tone of the narration suggests a theatrical air as well as though there is much more to the story than what is being revealed, and even making allusions that there may be some sort of other force involved or coercion on the parts of the visiting extraterrestrials.  As the story continues, it appears there may have in fact been some disagreement or use of force on the part of the aliens once this film was made.

Calling the shooting of this film “the incident,” the narration continues and suggests treaty 23/04 it would not be permissible to film or photograph the aliens under any unapproved circumstance.  And as this footage clearly shows, if it is genuine, that very thing took place – to possible detrimental effect to US/Alien relations.

The footage itself is very short, lasting only a few seconds.  Looking at it we can see beings of unknown height with very large heads and extremely long arms walking in a small cluster.  At one point one of the creatures looks directly at the camera as though it suddenly is aware of being filmed.  After that the footage ends, and we are left with nothing more than a dread at what may have happened next.  The footage is shaky and grainy, though clearly shows the creatures walking and even details on what they may have looked like more closely.  They appear to be typical alien greys.

So is this most recent footage genuine?  Are we looking at the presence of an alien force on our planet?  Or could someone have conducted such a convincing hoax using CGI or some other method?  Perhaps in time we may know.