Compelling UFO Evidence Appears Every Day

Whenever people ask what the most compelling evidence for the claim that something unusual is going on in the skies, it seems a fairly daunting task.  How can one take the entire field of research and encapsulate it into such a brief explanation that can be condensed into a short conversation?  But just looking at the reports properly filed to the Mutual UFO Network in the past 24 hours amid a major UFO flap it’s immediately clear that perhaps the most compelling evidence of something strange comes out every day.

In North Carolina a witness just outside of Winston Salem encountered a mysterious object hovering completely still at an altitude of 100 feet emitting an eerie light and seemingly staring at the road.  The craft was simply sitting there as the witnesses passed by it coming as close as 500 feet before they stopped, still confused about what it could have been.

In Garland Texas, a witness spotted a formation of strange lights shooting across the sky in a way that made the witness do a long double take.  Rather than simply one color, the objects -which were reportedly fairly low to the ground- had a strange fluctuation between red and blue.  The strange objects soon shot over the witness and into the distance.

These are two of fifteen sightings reported to one UFO reporting center on a random day.  Though even within the phenomena circles encounters with unidentified flying objects is rare, the admission has to be made sometime between now and a future date, though no doubt thousands more sightings will make believers out of an untold number before that time.  With the strange nature of extraterrestrial craft it seems even amid all the skepticism, calls for proof, grainy photographs, and wild tales of crashed saucers there still remains one undeniable fact.  Each day hundreds of people throughout the world see these objects.  An understandable number are hesitant to come forward with their encounters, but the minority who do are still a staggering number.

So without placing the entire burden of proof on any of the well known and popularized versions of the UFO phenomenon and its mythos, we can determine that regardless of its cause, the subject warrants not only further study, but it calls for new criteria to cover the stranger aspects of the phenomena to be called upon each day.  And as the realm of admitted possibility is expanded, even if it is not so far expanded as to fully accept the existence of extraterrestrial visitation, the field will lose some of its mystery to those attempting to scrutinize it scientifically and not just anecdotally.  To suggest every known phenomenon that can be observed is just as short sighted as when the same was suggested during the 1600’s.  Though we may know a lot, and the specialization of some scientists suggests a wealth of knowledge beyond our previous wildest dreams, there is still a great deal that is inexorably unexplainable.